Tuesday, January 26, 2021

E BULL JET: The Secrets of a Successful Vlog

#VlogReviews: Episode 3

To nictate while watching their videos is sacrilegious. Every second of their video content brims with clarity, energy, the spirit of adventure and foremost of all, positivity. E BULL JET is one of the most sought after Youtube channels in India, owned by brothers Ebin and Lipin, from Iritty, Kannur of Kerala state. E BULL JET introduced the concept of van life in India. Their videos are usually uploaded daily, by nine at night. Therefore, by the time this review appears on my blog, the video we discuss has become a day old and perhaps even older. On 22 January 2021, E BULL JET released a video, which was more than one hour of length and had a story that no other vlogger in India could tell. 

The video showed the brothers journeying through the risky mountainous regions of Sikkim. This area is currently shrouded in a thick coat of snow. They drive up the mountains to reach the place known as ‘zero-point’ with Napoleon, their Force Traveller, their very own house-van. For the first time in the world, a vehicle has become well known in a pet name. 

The E Bull Jet enjoys a phenomenal fan-following inviting, often the envy and criticism from peers from the YouTube vlogging community, especially in Kerala. While many stories of how the obstreperous fans of E Bull Jet rummage the peaceful existence of vloggers are rampant on the internet, unspeakable acts of vengeance are also seen against the E Bull Jet brothers and their vehicle Napoleon. Many elite vloggers from Kerala are often seen levelling their scathe of criticism against the style of vlogging and the unruly fan-following of the titular brothers. Recently, these criticisms took a turn with a prominent vlogger. He chastised the negativity in the titles used by the van-life brothers in their videos. 

It is also a matter of interest to closely observe the genre of the vloggers who condemned E Bull Jet van-life brothers. By unearthing the connection between the criticisms and the vocational inclination of the critics one may comprehend the secrets of success of E Bull Jet.

All vloggers who lambasted the style of video-titles by E Bull Jet are either travel vloggers or wannabe van-life vloggers. Thus it can be surmised that these criticisms are nothing more than professional rivalry, aimed to please a few jealous. One of these criticisms focuses, as I mentioned earlier, on the negative titles. The prominent vlogger criticizes the van-life brothers by admonishing their practice of devising titles that reflect negative outcomes, yet ‘contrary’ to the content of their videos. Therefore, he calls these titles misleading. This is another way of saying that even though their titles may read luring with some tint of sensationalism with ample doses of negativity, their content always carries a positive message. This also shows that E Bull Jet brothers are also versatile in creating captivating titles for their videos. 

Another opprobrium levelled against E Bull Jet is that they claim to be the first van-life in India. The criticism is raised by another van-life team indirectly with an affirmation that they are in fact the inaugurator of van-life in India. Being the actual founding fathers of van-life in India, the E Bull Jet brothers strongly expressed their disagreement in one of their widely circulated retorts on their YouTube channel. The second most important element of the success of E Bull Jet, therefore, is the finding of a niche audience- the van-life. Their content exclusively satisfies those who desire to watch lifestyle videos on van life. Also, with the adventurist element, the videos are fun to watch for all those who intend to have a good time. The length of their videos is another factor that lets the viewer immerse into their content thereby resulting in a longer watch time for the YouTube channel.  

Combining these mantras into their equation, the E Bull Jet makes exhilarating videos and lived visuals of adventure. The video released on 22 January 2021 deserves to be defined as the perfect start to a new year full of adventure, beauty, and appreciation for the good things in life. The snowy areas in Sikkim are a tough arena to travel, especially if you are taking a big van like Napoleon, the Force van the brothers are using. The tires of Napoleon often skidded on the slippery snow, and it gave the impression that impending doom was following the two brothers. Brothers Ebin and Lipin were not alone on this journey. They had two other vloggers to their company. What marked this journey as particularly attractive is the spirit of positivity exuded by E Bull Jet even while fencing with the most hopeless of challenges. There were occasions when all their planning to drive the van out of a snowy snare failed miserably, and the rescue driver they had taken with them was also petrified at the confrontation of the challenges. 

The wisdom imparted by the E Bull Jet brothers on life and journey during their video was truly inspiring, especially considering the fact they barely completed their school education. Lived experience is the true essence of what they try to communicate with the world. And in this manner, they communicate with a larger audience who are young and do not have time to read heavy toms to satiate their hunger for adventure or wisdom. This niche makes E Bull Jet as an all-time favourite of all generations of people, a strategy so subtle yet evident that unfortunately many vloggers in Kerala are unable to comprehend. 


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