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Friends forever

It is saidfriends are forever. But I don’t feel it in that way. I would rather like to put it in this way;that is, "I would not have endured this life, without them."

Friendship, once bloomed, survives in many ways. One of the ways is mobile phone. SMSs serve as prominent party in preserving the bond of friendship till the day’s end. Of course, after that you have to dedicate a few hours for your beloved friends. The electronic media can’t give you what their souls have spoken. For that you must go to them and look into their eyes.

Recently I received an SMS from one of my friends. It has something really interesting in it. So I thought why shan’t I share it with you. Here it is,


Whenever I am making love with my husband, the first to disturb by ringing me up, would be MY FRIEND!!!!
(To be continued...)

Filmy Jodi!

Bolly wood never lags behind to show its colours, during festive days. In this Christmas also, they are all set to hypnotize the world with the two Khans, Shahrukh-sorry-King Khan and Amir- sorry- Mr. Perfectionist Khan.

Amir’s “Gajini” is an action movie, which is already a super hit, and Shahrukh’s “Rab Ne Banadi Jodi”, rocks the silver screen literally. “Rab Ne Banadi Jodi” is a peaceful romantic film, when compared to “Gajini”. As Christmas is a festival of peace, the Indian commentator would advise for the peaceful film for his readers. A very cute, romantic film, which celebrates the true love… “Rab Ne Banadi Jodi”.

The Aditya Chopra directed film tells the story of a middle class working man who accidentally ‘compelled’ to marry a young girl, to whom he was infatuated at the first sight, on her marriage day. Her name is Taani (Anushka Sharma). The protagonist, Surender Sahni, was her father’s former student.

Suri and Taani start their life anew as strangers. There the story takes …


Where ever in the world, Christmas reminds of the birth of the holy child, infant Jesus and the sleigh in which Christmas papa visits children with lots of gifts. Here in India although we celebrate Christmas, we never expect a sleigh, for here we don’t have snowfalls, except in the Himalayan regions!

India never lags behind in the case of celebrations. We never miss a single opportunity to celebrate. Christmas is also one of our own celebrations.

It doesn’t matter in which religion each of the festivals is rooted. We simply celebrate. And celebration of life is an inseparable part of Indian ness. We expect Santa, if not in a sleigh, then in a K.S.R.T.C bus, at least!

In this Christmas the Indian Commentator wishes his readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

Cat Crossed!

Do you wear amulets? What will you do if a cat crosses your way? Do you feel a worry in your mind? Or you won’t care about that? Would you spat, as some people do if a cat crossed their way? Let us drop these personal questions and talk about Cricket Superstars. From changing bats after one over to keeping a red hand kerchief in pocket, their superstitions vary.

Now, on Bolly-wood. This is a paradise for superstitions. From Big Bachans to small ‘item’ performers, all are enslaved by superstitions.

What is your opinion about the number 13?

Now leave these questions and let me narrate one of my experiences with superstitions.

My mom was walking in front of me. Suddenly a cat crossed her way. We were going for a marriage. No, I am sorry, we were not. I was going for my classes and mom was going for her work. I was listening to something else and that’s the reason, my concentration derailed. Sorry!!!
Any way a cat crossed the path. I saw it. Mom was not careful about that. But I was confused a…

Road Matters

An incidentoccurred last Thursday near my ‘college’- if it can be called so. I don’t know whether a university campus can be called a college or not. My sheer ignorance!!

I am studying in, Kannur University’s Thalassery campus, which is situated in an obscure countryside--where road journey is similar to some items shown in circus--named Palayad.

What happened was a crime! Nothing like rape, murder, skirmish, etc. nothing of that sort, but spitting! A person spat on the public road…

“What? Is it a crime? But how?” asked my sister.

In many of the developed countries (almost all), spitting in public places is a crime, especially on the public road. Spitting or throwing wastes on the public roads are prohibited with statutes in countries like Singapore, U.S.A, U.K, etc.

“These are all developed capitalist counties. Is this a good practice to simulate them in our country?” My sister asked.

I don’t know. Or I don’t want to meddle with those ideological conflicts. I want my ‘developing’, yet poor…