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Terry, has bestowed upon me this award in the blogger’s world for the poem “THE PRINCE”.

The poem was published on Thursday, march 19, 2009, under the label ‘international’.

This is really an inspiring event when every other person usually owes his or her indebtedness to others. Yes, that is something nice to do. I cannot forget those people who helped me, supported me end guided me. This itself is the cause of the dilemma in me, for there are very few words in use to express the gratitude, which we feel to others. My gratitude to those people is inexplicable. Therefore, let me accept this fact by myself and tell you that I really feel obliged to each one of you.

I would like to include those comments, on my blog, which I received via. E-mail from my readers.

Miss.Kristi Sebens
What part of India are you from? I am curious because my Mom grew up in India and I went to India when I was …

A Pupa and Its Journey

The only campus Jay knew was the Government Polytechnic College, where he pondered for three years about his future as a writer, after his higher secondary science group disaster.

His parents wanted him to be a physician. Therefore, he was forced to join the science group. Later, when he passed in almost all the science subjects in narrow margins  they wanted him to choose a path for a job. So he was thrown into the courtyards of technical education. As he joined the diploma for electronics engineering, his hopes were sky high but his dreams were shattered.

Though he always liked the art, the art of poetry, the art of story telling, the art of writing; it dried in the rotten dry atmosphere of that technical institution.

Every thing there was hopelessly theoretic and disturbingly practical, thought he.

There happened an incident. He encountered a girl. He would say- “the most beautiful girl I ever met”. The basic instinct gave a jump and the writer inside his soul evoked.

He wanted to talk …

The Prince

Whilethe sickle moon takes the shape of smile,
I brought my lips close, and yours-
Smiling part eclipsed.
I brought a veil of stories to support
Your sleep, in the chilling plateau,
So that you can sleep a night of peace,
Little prince, I tell you this, just sleep.
Who you are, that matters not for me,
That you are born from a female
By a male, only matters, dear.
Sleep, son of peace less world, in my lap.
Don’t wait for your mother to pour
Milk from her adorning breasts and
Father’s caresses,
For they have gone, so far, from our world.
Hear, prince of Palestine,
You sleep; no vulture will wander near us,
For we are protected by
An endlessly high wall from the world,
In a world of lifeless serenity, and eternal peace!
Sleep dear little prince. I brought the stories,
Kissed your lips,
And now I request you to sleep.

A bewailing writer.

Violence is the most uncivilized way of expressing our protest, I state.
Actually, I wanted to write an article about terrorism, that terrorism is a crime; it has many faces, unlike what Indian politicians’---“terrorism is a whole some of vice, and has nothing to do with religion. No religious person can be a terrorist and no terrorist belongs to any religion.”---Clich├ęs;That terrorism is linked to religions--What happened in Gujarat was Hindu terrorism, what is happening in Pakistan and Afghanistan is Islamic terrorism, what happened in centuries of Papal dominance in West was Christian terrorism;
That religion itself is developed as an oppressive device of the state and power structures,That ideologies are not all free from terrorist activities—what happened in West Bengal last year, was Marxist terrorism, and now in Palestine is Capitalist terrorism,That, as in criminology each and every criminal group has its own “style” in carrying out their operations, these terrorist ‘cults’ also…

The Pact

Father signed the pact. To dispatch, loads of coal.
The uncouth facts smiles
Like an inverted rainbow
With a sinister contract!
The concerns over repercussions, danced,
Like filthy waves of Ganga!
What would happen to the family?
Home might be confiscated,
He might have to become a slave.
The post-pact life, how unroll?
Unfamiliar with the future,
The father, burnt the hearth,
With the cooking pot empty!
He was relieved, thinking that
To impede his independence,
His wife had taken “I-pills”.
When asked, he said-
“I am happy, with my only son who-
Was killed in a bigotry place.
And I do not care for the future of
Me, my middle aged wife,
And my ‘half naked’,
Alzheimer’s patient, Grand Father.

The Indian Village and the Power Structures:A Scrutiny of "The White Tiger".

Villageappears in “The White Tiger” as a space for implementing the paraphernalia of power, by the power structures. Power, and rule, both as ideological and restrictive forms are acting upon the village. More prominent in it is of course the restrictive apparatus, not as police or judiciary but as the landlords and their laws. The ideological apparatus finds not as much prominence as the restrictive apparatus, as the protagonist, who being the measure for interaction between the reader and the village, questions the ideological apparatus and traditional shoulder-stoop philosophies, on the way of his existential saga. But he fails to win over the restrictive apparatus most of the times, during his times in the village and later.

The protagonist, Balram Halwai, moves from his village to town, in the process of his growth. Even though, toward the end, we can see him as a holder of power, we cannot find him coming back to his village or confronting any of those involved in the power trans…

Pak-China Bhai Bhai!

India accused Pakistan for its direct involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks, occurred a few months back. The government of India has declared its stand in the battle against terrorism and provided all the evidences needed for proving Pakistan’s sinister interests. Not only in the Mumbai attacks, but also in the Pakistan sponsored infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir, India has proven without any doubt the direct involvement of Pakistan.

Taking for granted the stand of the government of India, we can see that Pakistan’s political agenda, ever since its formation was the anti-India policy, which is nurtured by our not-so-friendly-neighbourhood, the country of China. We must not forget that they have shown their intentions quite clearly to India before.

Pakistan’s politics had tried to give the anti-Indian policy, with which they exerted influence and gained support from the Islamic population of the country, an ideological persona. Now it’s the turn to, modify that ideological apparatus …

For the Time Being...

My teachers, after reading my blog, asked me, or accused me, I am not sure, that why am I so diplomatic?

I beg your pardon if any of my teachers felt hurt after reading my blog. I never have any diplomacy or if I put it in this way-hypocrisy- toward you. I know that there is no need to be diplomatic with you, because you are so near to me, that it won’t take too long for you to understand me. I respect you. I care for you.

But still you are right. I am diplomatic. This diplomatic stand that I took is toward my perspective about the world.

I feel immense freedom in writing until the first rewriting of the script. After that I am not free. No one is free. The dangers are not far from us. They are near, very near. Especially, if you are one who is concerned about the socio- cultural environment, in which that one is living. Then definitely you are in trouble, for the danger is just a breath time away, looking for even a very singly step taken against it, to crush. Wondering in what nightmar…

When It Rings..

We rent our ears to some one near to us, and that too irrespective of gender, class, religious, political, social, and subjective differences. I am talking about mobile phones. Human beings are said to be social creatures. It is this natural instinct to form societies and to stay connected with every one, that lead them to be the subservient of information technology. Man created them to be their slave. Mobile phones are exquisite designs from the field of information technology. The numerous advantages that this creation of technology provides, is another reason for the obsession toward them.

Even though there are physiological problems identified which are related to the frequent use of mobile phone, the obsession of the world to this piece of technology seems never to end.

It intervenes not only the physiological complacency but psychological too. This psychological aspect of the results of mobile phone excess-usage is generally undermined. It is possible that our calm evenings may b…