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Yasser Usman’s newly released non-fiction book has a subtitle that marks the essence of the narrative: “The Crazy Untold Story Of Bollywood’s Bad Boy.” Sanjay Dutt, one of the major actors in Hindi Cinema has always been at the centre of many political and personal controversies. Yasser Usman’s book unravels all those elements.
Sanjay Dutt is Usman’s third book on Bollywood’s most celebrated personalities. His first one was Rajesh Khanna: The Untold Story of India’s First Superstar and the second one, Rekha: The Untold Story. Apparently, Usman is not new to life narratives about glittering stars of Bollywood. We read books for what not they are but for what we see in them.
My intention was always to get a kick out of novels, fictional narratives with some drama, action, mystery, and suspense. That is what I always try to achieve as an author as well. Whatever creates these elements within my psyche while reading, that works for me. Being a nonfiction book, at first, I wasn’t all posit…

THE MAHABHARATA SECRET: A Commendable Achievement by Christopher C Doyle

The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher C Doyle: A Book Review  The Mahabharata Secret is a thriller that affirms the fundamentalist notion that sophisticated electronic, aviation and scientific technology existed during the times of the Mahabharata, in ancient India. That said, The Mahabharata Secret deserved to be appreciated for the lengthy unfurling of suspenseful events in present-day India that foregrounds its history. Tradition and modernity coexist in Christopher C Doyle’s thriller. This book could be categorized as a historical thriller because Emperor Ashoka and his stone edicts appear as crucial characters in the story. They are part of the quest to unlock the mystery surrounding the cryptic emails from Vikram Singh, a north Indian aristocrat to his nephew Vijay who works abroad.  Christopher C Doyle brings home a highly effective landscape with his narrative strategy based on detailed descriptions and adeptness in creating suspenseful moments. These are the two crucial points…

FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD 2018: Those Tales Called Blue

Tomorrow, on 8 March and day after, on 9 March my new book, Those Tales Called Blue will be available for readers across the world for free download from Amazon. The eBook is presently available in Kindle format as well as print.
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The eBook revolution caught on as the prices of eBooks dropped to an unimaginably low point. Those Tales Called Blue is available in print format at a price that is almost that of a kindle eBook.
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Review from Amazon "The stories of Anu Lal remind me of Jorge Luis Borges,"
Prof. C. Tharanathan
Author, Literary Critic, Thinker.
"Anu Lal's stories have the breath of ancient storytellers, the wisdom of old days, and the immediacy of our contemporary age. The intricacies of the human nature are delicately woven around us, trapping us inside the story, and leaving us wantin…

The Rise of Sivagami At An Incredible Discount Price! A Book by Anand Neelakantan

Anand Neelakantan is an Indo-Anglian author. His books Jaya, Rise of Kali and Asura had become very successful in the Indian book market. 
The quality of his writing, hold on language, and the craft of his writing is commendable. The reason for his success is not just marketing, as many authors attest to when the question is asked in interviews.
The definition of success in Indian popular writing, set by Anand Neelakantan is a standard that many would have to strive hard to achieve. His talents also lie in the creation of scripts for television series.
Now, his book The Rise of Sivagami, Book 1 in the prequel to Baahubali storyline is available at an unbelievable offer price at You could purchase this book for just 74 Rupees in India. The book's MRP is Rs. 299. This means almost 75 % discount is offered now. 
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Enjoy reading a page-turning fantasy thriller.


In my previous blog post, I mentioned what is new about the news. My post was about actor Sridevi’s death. Media had reported that she died of cardiac arrest.
    Today, according to the latest information on various news media such as the ones given in the reference below, actor Sridevi died of accidental drowning. As per the news, she slipped into a hotel bath.
    This latest news is more saddening to all her fans. This incident even morbidly resembles the plot of many of those tragedies in Bollywood films. May God rest her soul in peace.


What’s new about the news. I think it’s our response to it that gives each news the space it deserves.
When the news came; I could not believe it.
I first saw the news on Youtube. Recently, I had also heard reports of the death of Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone. That was a hoax, and Sly Stallone himself released a video announcing that he was back from death. Considering this experience, my first response was to impose the sense of disbelief over the deluge of today’s morbid news.
I was finding it hard to cope with the news. The best way to cope with the situation was to find the truth out. So I googled it up. What else could I do? I do not have any personal access to her family members. I do not know their phone numbers of email ids. I am like the million or billion other Indians who have nothing to do on the face of this news but to pray for the health of their beloved film superstar. So we devour the news channels and online media.
Then I discovered that indeed, actress Sridevi…


The Inheritors dawned on my radar as I was browsing through Amazon. The book written by Sonu Bhasin with a Forward by Anand Mahindra appeared to be a unique product about the Indian entrepreneurial setup. The term ‘Indianness’ arises often in the Indo-Anglian literature. Certain writers attempt to describe the term too. I doubt that anyone of those critics or writers ever defined the term properly. The Indian way of writing, along with the Indian way of performing various other cultural, political, and sociological activities is unique. It cannot be seen as a copy of or a direct oppositional force set against a Eurocentric system. The Indian way incorporates the best in every culture and social system. It also distinguishes itself from all those streams from which it drew inspiration. Sonu Bhasin’s attempt is to delineate the major Indian way of doing business. She does that by telling the stories of many family-owned businesses in India.
Sonu Bh…