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My Book is Bestseller!

Dear friends,  I am on Amazon's bestseller list with my new book You Should Know How I Feel...
An Indian author of CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE in Amazon's bestseller list!! 
you should know how i feel…is in Amazon top 100 paid e books in CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE, above, E. L James, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Melissa Foster, Colleen Hoover and the like!! Get your copies and feel the passionate love within...
You Should Know How I Feel reached your Kindle devices on 20 March! Your favorite love story now has a place to stay- in your love-filled hearts.
Why 20th March?
I needed a day that could be remembered, a day that the whole world can connect to, so that the releasing date could be in harmony with the book. You Should Know How I Feel is a collection of stories in the contemporary romance genre. You Should Know How I Feelwill entertain its readers and take them into a land of love and romance. Often, for those who are living through unfavorable conditions in life, thes…

Four Couples You May Never Want to Forget

If love is magic, we are magical creation.
Raghu must buy Faida a Valentine’s Day gift and receive hers. But on that day, Raghu’s past pays him a grim visit.
Rukhsana and Peter rediscover each other in front of the biggest question: facing family after their love marriage.
Alka finds her soul mate unexpectedly and mazes at the upshots.
Milan and Renu recognize how much dependable they are on each other.

you should know how i feel... A New Adult Fiction on Love and its Manifold Avenues
The second book from the BW #1 author Anu Lal, introducing Dhanya Krishna, as his co-author.
"Undoubtedly, it is a great-read… Will take us to a world where pure LOVE, nothing else can be seen…. I am sure it will be a good feast for those who worship Cupid/ Eros!"__ Sarath Krishnan (Critic, Book Reviewer, Blogger) For More: Visit the book's Facebook Page HERE

How to think L-O-V-E?

One truth governs all other truths, as far as I know. This one truth, which we call Love is infinite, beyond rational explanation totally understandable, yet indefinable, at the same time. Love is dictator and subject at the same time. It's mystery and logic, all in one. The more you try to define it, try to persuade your mind in terms of rational explanations and logical sequences they teach you in school and colleges, the more you are repelled from Love’s life-giving shadow.

Soul mate, man, or woman, whatever you call the one you meet and being drawn towards, the reality remains the same: your inner space has compromised its independent decision making capacity. It may not necessarily an individual that affects your ability to take decisions. It may be signals from another dimension, as Love is a phenomenon that connects this world and others, signals that defy our rationale but guide us towards knowing.
I am introducing you to someone, who has encountered the mystical and yet fe…