Saturday, January 16, 2021

Exam Preparation Plus One: Learn these New words from HIS FIRST FLIGHT by Liam O’Flaherty


Seagull= a popular name for a gull.

Gull= a long-winged web-footed seabird with a raucous call, typically having white plumage with a grey or black mantle.

Plumage=a bird's feathers collectively.

Ledge: a narrow horizontal surface projecting from a wall, cliff, or other surface.

Flap= (of a bird) move (its wings) up and down when flying or preparing to fly.

plateau (N)- an area of flat land that is higher than the land around it.

scold (v)- to speak angrily to somebody, especially a child, because they have done something wrong

ascending (adj) - increasing in size or importance.

gnaw (v)- bite at or nibble something persistently. 

persistently (adv)- continuously

trot (v) : run at a moderate pace

daintily(adverb): in a careful way that suggests good manners

Means (N): a way of achieving or doing something

precipice (n) : very steep rock face/cliff 

beneath (Preposition): under somebody / something

Brink (N): the extreme edge of land

Doze (V): ​to sleep lightly for a short time

Preen (V): for a bird to make its feathers smooth with its beak

Hump (N): a large mass that sticks out above the surface of something, especially the ground

Scrape (V): rubbing against a hard surface

Whet (V): to increase your desire for or interest in something

Self-reliance (n): Reliance on one's own powers and resources rather than those of others.

Soar (V)= to fly very high in the air or remain high in the air

Swoop (V) = to fly quickly and suddenly downwards, especially in order to attack somebody/something

Commence (V) = to begin something

Courtesy: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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