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A definitive evidence of the extraterrestrial invasion in India in the modern times is the red rain phenomenon. Before investigating the unnatural event that left many guessing about its true cause, it is important to make ourselves comfortable with the intellectual data available to support the fact that there has been contact from intelligent beings from outside of our plant. A reader asks: “Are UFO stories real?”
The answer to that question is, yes. Most of the reports and stories circulating around UFO sightings are real. However, there are a certain percentage of UFO sightings that could not be validated based on solid proof or evidence. I am not overlooking the fact that there are many hoaxes and fake videos as well as reports out there. Lack of tangible proof or the so-called ‘smocking gun’ used to be the greatest impediment the mainstream media propagated in order to hide such news or information as the contact with an Unidentified Flying Object or its occupants.
There are eye…

ALIEN SKY: An Introduction to UFO sightings in Kerala


BREACH BY AMRITA CHOWDHURY: A Young Nation’s Crooked Finger

“Especially in a country with five hundred million below poverty line. That change in price meant life and death for many of them.” (13) Breach, Amrita Chowdhury.
Breach is a cyber thriller set in the heart of the growing IT industry in India. The novel unfolds life and times on the narrow edges of technology and hope. In her second attempt at fiction, author Amrita Chowdhury has a remarkable contribution to Indian fiction in English. A few years back another book came out, which I remember, was about India’s new industrial growth and its aftermath on people. The book was The White Tiger; released in 2008.
India, as a nation, is relatively new to the world of technology. However, this same nation is now called the new champion of cyber world. India has overtaken not just the USA or many other European counterparts; she has overthrown many despotic success makers across the world in the rate of her growth in cyber industry. Thanks to the dedicated IT professionals and engineers, a grou…

BIRD-FLU: Biological Weapon or The Contact?

The UFO that appeared in Kochi on 30 October 2014 is reportedly “needle-like” and has many of the characteristics, usually reported in similar cases. A needle-like object could also indicate rockets or any similar types of destructive flying machines, made by man. Does this prove that in Kochi, Kerala, we compromised our aerial security?
China is India’s closest residing superpower, and a constant military threat. Pakistan’s recent attempts to help terrorists to infiltrate on boarder territories also add significant political weight to the situation. However, surprisingly, the authorities seem very much ignorant of even the occurrence of the UFO event in Kochi. The fourth estate also seems incapable of bringing it out into public attention. The only way such a situation can be overcome over come with clarity and answers is to bring it into public attention. One positive aspect of the contemporary UFO research in the US is the increased number of people participation. Thanks to the many…