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Alfonso Cuaron’s—

 A Review
Unlike any other movie I watched, watching Gravity followed a thorough perusal of anything and everything available as reviews. I came across many wonderful movie reviews, but found none, in fact, that can stand true to what I saw and how I felt during my watching of Gravity. It seems, not many of the reviewers caught a good glimpse of what the movie is all about and what stays hidden, behind the lines, for the connoisseur to observe and savor.
The two actors, the only living human beings that appear during the 90 plus minutes, are chosen wisely. They have, to use a worn out phrase, done their jobs well. Writing department has imparted the best work, giving Hollywood an appealing show to cherish. Gravity is a survival story directed by Alfonso Cuaron, and is typical in its structural alignment, the beginning-- ambitious space project, middle—the catastrophic accident, and end—an epic struggle for survival, like many other survival movies in Hollywood.
Gravity is rich with symb…

When the Snow Melts


The Dome of...

The young men and women sitting in front of me, anticipating brighter futures and a present intoxicated with the verve of youth, might not be the same once they realize who they actually are. Realization of the higher self within one’s physiological bounds is indeed difficult due to the powerful influences from the external world. Every moment we are bombarded with statements such as “we, the ordinary people…”
From politicians to mass media, this one chant becomes the preferred propaganda over and over again, until the individual starts to trust this external voice rather than listening to and living in accordance with his or her inner voice.
The magnificence of human “being”, the vastness of human understanding, and the synergy--the inter connected and combined energy of all humans--stands proof to the extraordinariness of humankind. However, this also means a generalization. In addition, generalizations like these often lead people to misconceptions and into creating bin…

Three Extremely Rewarding...

New Year Resolutions1. Alter your waking up time

When do you wake up each day? Change your time and make it fifteen to thirty minutes earlier. This will allow you to have a few gratifying early morning moments to live. Time early in the morning is ideal for Yoga, reading and jogging. This way you are raising your living standard a step higher each day.

2. Buy one book a month

Books are our doorway to the world of wisdom. Buying books are one of the best habits one can cultivate. This year, make it a point to keep a share of your earnings each month for buying books. Buy books, but not just the books by established authors. There are wonderful indie authors out there, who have created some fabulous stuff for readers around the world. They reach your hand through online shopping sites like Amazon. My book Wall of Colours and Other Stories is available through throughout the world. We are living at the best time for writers and readers.

3. Spend at least thirty minutes a day wit…

How to Unwind on New Year’s Day?

It seems everyone wants the New Year’s day to be perfect. It is as if ordinariness is accursed and undesirable. Whatever one does to make the New Year’s first day special, ordinariness creeps in, like an occasional uninvited guest. The bus we take to workplace, or college or school, the taxi driver we meet on the road, the parents who constantly nag about the failures we had the previous year until the very moment you read this article, and the crows that shit on our day while waiting for a bus in the evening, all make something horribly ordinary set its foot in our auspicious New Year’s day.
These are potential threats we all foresee and know exists somewhere round the corner. We pray and hope that from the bus driver to your parents or beloved ones behave properly, and respect us. You may feel for the lonely crow on the dry branch of the mahogany tree in the bus stop, and hope its bowels do not act out while you are underneath the branch in your best clothing. Even after hoping and …