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The Results of Roman Rule: History of England I (Essay Question)

 The Results of Roman Rule: Essay Question, Main Points

  • Establishment of Roman institutions. 

  • Romanization of Britain.

  • Under the Roman military rule, the Britons experienced the peace that existed in various nations under Roman rule, known as Pax Romana or Roman Peace. 

  • They built an excellent network of roads from London in all directions.

  • They encouraged agriculture, commerce, mining, and industry. Commodities like corn, furs, pearls, and various metals were exported and luxury goods were imported. 

  • They were great builders of forts at important places of the country to safeguard the country's internal peace and protect it from foreign invasions. 

    • About 130 forts were thus built as a way of defence. 

    • Agricola built a line of forts between rivers Tyne and Eden on the Roman road known as "Stanegate". 

    • During Emperor Hadrian’s rule (from 117 to 138 CE) the famous Hadrian’s Wall was built in the North of England to keep away infiltrators. 

  • Some of the flourishing cities of the present were originally Roman towns or fortresses.

  • Well-planned town with its orderly administration. Many new towns developed on the side of the newly constructed roads. 

  • Each town had its forum, temples, courts of justice, bath, markets, and main drains. 

  • Another significant contribution of the Romans to Britain was the construction of so many Roman Villas (country houses).

  • The Christian faith is seen as the greatest indirect result of the Roman conquest of Britain. 

  • The Romans also introduced the Latin language to Celtic England. 

  • The authentic history of England commences only after the Roman conquest.   

Reference: A Handbook of British History by K M Abraham

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