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Interfaith Marriages


Book Cover Release

you should know how i feel “Love finds us in ways that are still unimaginable to our egocentric selves. Occasionally, a glimpse into the deepest chasms of love brings one ashore to wisdom and to enlightenment. Love brings us to our senses, when realize the smell, the touch, and the sight of the person we love are inextricably linked with our soul.” fromIs True Love Real? Seeking Answers to an Epic Question.
This is how your favorite love story looks like, from this moment onwards.

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You Should Know How I Feel

The Writing Course

Gamble everything for love, if you’re a true human being --Rumi
Writing, for me, is an act of love. When I say this, I cringe at the weight of similarities in how many of my fellow writers have approached their courses of writing. Many of us are in love. Some of us fell in it, as an act of total accident, while some others chose to learn it, acquire it, and master its nuances, the wise ones. Two weeks from Valentine’s Day, I still consider the possibility of dedicating a whole day for love. Questions such as- Why is just one day for love? Shouldn’t we dedicate all our days to love?- always arise talking with students. But the fortunate thing about asking such a question in the classroom is that they always have answers. And some of them daringly share their ideas. Some of my students suggest that when life is busier and no one has time to spend with their beloved one, and when work means survival, we need at least a day to convey what we feel for the other person, at le…

Valentine's Day Gift

Happy Valentine’s Day for all my readers and their beloved ones. Here is a short story about Love. Read it aloud, if you wish, to your beloved one. A DROP OF LOVE
A dewdrop found itself resting on the petal of a rose. That was the only memory the drop had. It was born there, separated from a cloud of fog.
The dewdrop felt happy to be there.
There was something that lured the drop towards the heart of the flower; a pull, since the petal was sloppy.  
The dewdrop felt its destiny already marked out.
It said to the rose, “What would happen if I slid into your heart?”
The flower looked at the drop. There was a peculiar grace to the dewdrop. The sun was sharing its gleam with its crystal soul.
The flower fell in love with the dewdrop, at once. “I will…” the flower blushed, “I will receive you into my soul and transform you into honey.” It said.
The dewdrop could not decide what to choose. The company of the flower was mesmerizing. Its fragrance was unique. But what it said was dubious. The flower …

Paying Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman (July 23, 1967 – February 2, 2014, on a Sunday, which not just I but any other fan of Hoffman can hardly forget, anymore.)

Before writing any article, you should do your research, I heard someone say from inside of me. I knew nothing of that person inside. It wasn’t someone I met on the way or someone who taught me at college or high school; I did not hear the voice from my memory either. It was, so to speak, a thought. To write this article, this tribute to Hoffman, I do not need any more research than a devotee needs to approve of God’s existence.
The News
Through the haze of an allergic weekend, it hit me.
I was all tired and dull due to runny nose, painful cheeks and heavy forehead, symptoms of allergy. The mild winter of the Southern side brings along with it a blanket of dust and all other allergic particles. Sensitive noses like mine always catch these and wail at the aftermath. I heard a passing news statement while dining in the adjoin room. The TV is in …