Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Last Chance to do an MA English under in Kannur University?


Students of our time go through a plethora of concerns before joining courses for higher education. These concerns may include future career options, financial investment, the ease in the processes involved with the course, and personal preferences. One of the most profitable courses in recent years is MA in English with its scope, ease in handling, and usefulness in real life. Job opportunities were ample for anyone with an MA English qualification. The COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat transformed the area of higher education. Along with changes in many sectors, it has created a drastic change in the enthusiasm for Courses in Humanities and Arts for higher education. 

It is quite organic a thought process that post-pandemic a society would affirmatively imagine a future interlinked with the pandemic. This is especially true for professional courses and the future career any graduate would want to choose. The medical profession has become a hot chocolate of choice for students and their parents recently. The medical and paramedical field can certainly cater to an increasing influx of students. A good quality health system is the sole defence against a pandemic of similar gravity in the future. The lack of enthusiasm felt in Arts subjects for higher studies is one of the many results of such a drifting career-hope. 

Kannur University, due to regulation from UGC, has decided to stop its distance education courses. This year Kannur Univeristy has initiated Private Registration, which might wind up once the Sree Narayana Guru Open University starts functioning in Kerala. The Private Registration in Kannur University prescribes the same syllabus as the regular courses, an irreplaceable opportunity for many who were unable to join a regular aided college or unaided self-financing college. The examinations shall be conducted Humanities subjects often shine as the best career path especially if selected in private studies, due to the sheer freedom of expression the student gets from the lack of a regular college system and the welcome relief from the frequent intervention of the college in a semester system. 

The unscrupulous limitation in the number of seats in regular colleges and the phenomenal tuition fees exerted by the self-financing, unaided colleges often leave the students and their families with depression and a sense of failure. The opportunities offered by private registration are limitless. However, whenever the topic of discussions turns to private education there is always that sense of shame and embarrassment to acknowledge that one’s son or daughter is doing a degree course in the Private stream. What motivates such feeling of shame and academic apartheid is the Indian penchant for certificates and status quos. 

Many students and parents go through a devastating psychological turmoil while engaging with the realities of higher education. A penchant for certificates and status quo alone wouldn’t guarantee a seat in the best college in town. It requires not just good scores but also a grand investment of finances especially in the present context, as the admission process has become a contest. Students and their parents vie for a limited number of seats in colleges that conduct regular courses. The result is a debilitatingly smaller scale of satiation for the parents and students, most of them end up feeling rejected and left out. 

Private Education, in this context, can offer a better alternative to students. The traditional view is that private and open courses are for those who fail to score good grades in exams. However, in the post-covid world, the quality of education only matters. When most of the candidates are choosing professional courses such as medical degrees, Arts, Humanities, and Commerce may offer a better chance of success.

For those students who are choosing Private Registration under Kannur University, some parallel institutions are worthy of recommendation. Nalanda College Eachur is the best among them, in Kannur district. Those who intend to know more about Private Registration for MA, MCom, BA, BCom, BCA, etc. can contact them. Phone: 04972857965, 2859859

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