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Don’t remain Clark Kent always. Be Superman… if you can.

Our intended purpose on planet earth is to become what we can. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer refers to this idea directly in his book, I Can See Clearly Now. “I was living what Maslow described as being a person who must be what he can be,” says Dr. Wayne Dyer in chapter 40 of the book. The stress in “can” isn’t mere an attempt to address our abilities. It is also an attempt to address living from a ‘no-limit’ perspective.
It is possible to live from the fullest extent of possibilities that we are given by nature of our being. We are endowed with limitless imagination, the power to conceive without involving our physicality, the ability to transcend every limit we encounter due to the earthliness that is with us throughout our life on the earth, and the capacity to love unconditionally. The moment we are ready to use at least one or all the gifts given above, we can create infinite results with endless joy and satisfaction.
Why should we be …


Perhaps, you wondered why on earth I didn't elaborate on all those three Cs that I mentioned in the previous post. I can understand the reason for your anxiety. Whatever they tell you, your blog is an integral part of your persona, it is part of your being. I cannot overlook, at the same time facts such as many bloggers do not earn a single penny doing what they love doing. Therefore, in order to do what you do best (blogging) or to do it more effectively, I have formulated The Rule of Three Cs. If you haven’t read the previous post, I will make it easy for you by pasting the introduction here.
In order to attract more traffic to one’s blog three important rules will help. I would like to share these three important rules here, for any newbie or experienced blogger who is looking for a way to increase one’s page views. I call this golden rule, The Rule of Three Cs.
The Rule of Three Cs is explained below. 1. Consistency.
2. Clarity.
and 3. Creativity.
If you’d like to read the part cal…

TRAFFIC RULES: Blogging with Consistency

Hello there, if you liked my previous blog post titled “WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE THOUGHT OF MALALA YOUSAFZAI: The High Art of Blogging”, you would want to read more about what “The Rule of Three Cs” are, that I proposed in the post. The previous post was an excerpt from the August-September edition of Unclassified Intelligence. Because I do not intend to make this e-book moneymaking venture alone, I would like to share the rest of the article too… free.
For those who are serious about blogging and would like to get a tip or two on the concept of blogging, this article might be helpful.
Before venturing into reading the rest of the article, I would like to bring to your attention one more crucial concept that is necessary not just to blogging but also to life in general. If you are looking for success in any arena of life, the first and foremost requirement is “purpose”. In order to achieve purpose, one may require a firm conceptual grounding on the work at hand. I have attempted to cla…

THE GREATEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED: Utilizing Wisdom from the Greatest Teacher

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived is a systematic guide to using the wisdom of one of the world’s greatest teachers, Jesus of Nazareth. One third of the book is dedicated to what one can learn from the examples and instances Jesus set for his disciples to follow, including his irrefutable communication skills. A few chapters towards the end of the book discuss in detail on who Jesus really is. In my opinion, this part makes the long and sometimes tedious journey of reading this book worthwhile. It seems the editors didn’t see the significance of this last part and put it at the end. In my view, had this been in the starting of the book, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived would have been a remarkable book about having faith in the possibilities of following the way showed by Jesus. It is faith that can ultimately guide knowledge, although knowledge and faith and complementary. (No pun intended)
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived is written by a big American businessman named Steven K. Scott, w…


The constant music of waves and the lull of the sea-wind make the best combo for a beautiful day. Suppose you really had a very enjoyable day on a beach. And you wish you may never forget the joy and peace you experienced.
Is there a way one can extent the moments of inexplicable joy and harmony on a daily basis? One of my friends said, yes; write it down. By writing about those moments in a diary or a personal journal, we are keeping those moments registered, first hand, in words that can be read again, so we could feel the excitement of those moments, living in our memory.
What if you could double that joy by sharing your experience with someone else? or if you could share your experience to more than one individual at a time. Isn’t this a good proposition?
Some of our experiences are longer than a tweet or deeper than a Facebook status emoticon. Blogging is different. It is the next step. Yes, indeed, this early bird in social media networking still works and has a space of its own…


#Celebrateblogging: THE LESSONS-4