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The Care Taker.

Withhot black tea,And a news paper in hand,
Sat in his veranda, the dark brown man.
Though silver his hairs,
On the head and over the bare chest were,
He tried pompously to read,

Without his glasses put on.He turned the page.
His wrinkled eyes met with
The news of a nun raped and murdered.

He turned the page.
His saliva dried, reading the news-
Of rising commodity prices!
He turned the page.
He was not shocked from the news of

Hindu bigotry, or Islamic terror,Only a matter of neighbourhood.He looked at his home and smiled.He turned the page.The news of Kerala’s largest river drying up,
Reminded him of his half filled well.
He turned the page.
At once his eyes stuck on a scene!
A police constable stabbed to death,
By the supporters of some political party!
He prayed for his son’s safety;
Who was a police constable;
And ran to the phone,
Dialed his son’s mobile number.
Someone said, from the other side:
“The number you are calling has been switched off.
Please try later.”
The page turned...

The Witch of Portobello: A Film Journey

Every experiment takes place as a human attempt to bring the angels of change to the barren ground of routine, the ordinary, the familiar. This is the story of an experiment. Mr. Paulo Coelho, the Latin American author,(The author of THE ALCHEMIST), through his film contest named 'THE EXPERIMENTAL WITCH Film Competition', has attempted an experiment with film making, where he himself selected the winners of the contest, identifying the film, which can stand close to his own conception of his novel, THE WITCH OF PORTOBELLO.
It was held on August 24, 2008. In the competition, a different crew filmed each of the chapters of the novel, THE WITCH OF PORTOBELLO. Out of 6,000 submissions, there were 14 winners, one for each chapter of the novel.
In the novel, the character of Athena, the protagonist, evolves through the narratives of different people; either once associated with her or knew her. Now, these fourteen films have been edited into a two-hour feature film and are premiering…

Rewarded Again.

My dear Anu, Congrats for such a nice blog! I have to say that I'm a bit proud of you! Your success story should act as a motivation for other bloggers in the offing! I am a sure you will be able to make it the mouthpiece of the emerging youth of India. I've gone through some of the old posts and found the merit of your work. For instance, id mubarak, malabari girl, etc. reveal your gift for writing and imagining. That radical thinking also I like. I WILL BE A REGULAR VISITOR IN FUTURE. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST Prof. Josh Sreedharan Head, Dept. of Studies in English, Kannur University, India.

Gratitude:Thank you so much Sir,
I have no more words. I am also proud that I am a student of such a great person like you. I am overwhelmed.
Thank you so much sir.Your student,Anu
October 7, 2009 3:53 AM

Undoing Writer's Block.

Where was my God? I was alone and there was no God near. I couldn't write. There was only a vast void, which seemed impossible to cross. I always believed that when I reach in a state of communion with God, I write. And that was what I lacked; the meeting, the communion, the nearness; the divine sharing. God was the cause of all my writings and is; though I believe it too that God never causes anything, but allows things to happen. I know. As Richard Bach says in "Illusions", his novel, we are the ones to decide what our life should be. In the process of my writing, God becomes the fulfilling experience of my efforts of communion with that Higher Power, thus the cause. I am talking about the impetus, something that I know as true, but can't explain.

Was that a writer's block that I had these recent days, blocking me from writing anything? I don't know. Though I had done thorough studies on methods of identifi cation and solution for the writer's block, I f…


Dear Anulal,
HEARTY CONGRATS ON THIS MOMENTOUS DAY! I went through your anniversary post. It's a very good read. I didn't know that you were given an award for your blogging efforts. Belated CONGRATULATIONS!

I am looking forward to your first attempt at fiction. I urge you to keep writing whatever you feel like. As we discussed in our Freud session, creativity feeds on the pleasure principle! So just ENJOY life doing what you love most!


Mr.K.K. Kunhammad,
Department of Studies in English Language and Literature,
Thalassery Campus,
Kannur University.
My Gratitude:
Sir, Thank you so much for your kind words. Your words, and advice are always a path light for me. And as I always say, I have no words to express my gratitude in its fullest extent, excep…

The October celebration.

The choice was made one year back. The choice was between being occult and becoming known. And this is a moment, a day and a month of celebrations.
Writing was always in my veins. I can recollect my first written draft. That was a short story. But I couldn't finish it. I was ten years old at that time. I feel that the same kid is rejoicing and living his dreams now, when I am writing my blog. My blog was the choice I had made.Today is the first anniversary of my blog"THE INDIAN COMMENTATOR". It was on an October, one year back, I started this journey. October 5, 2008. My first attempt to create a blog was a success. But it failed in its contents and readership. I attempted a second time, which was out of my inner call to propagate a spiritual concept to the world. But my inability to continue and the lack of self- confidence that I felt, resulted in another demise.
After these two failures, I am still surprised, why did I hope for a victory in blogging, and how did I be…