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THERE'S NO GOING BACK: The Act of Purging History

When the good guys find their way home and set a different course to history, what would happen to the bad ones? Author Siggy Buckley’s latest short story, “There’s No Going Back” is about those displaced individuals, whose leaders had played bad buys in textbooks for history. Siggy Buckley is the author of Next Time Lucky: How to Find Mr. Right. She was a very successful Irish matchmaker, and is a member of National League for American Pen Women.
Can the wrongs enacted and sealed away in the vault of history be atoned in the present? Can we exorcise the demons of history with our understanding of the NOW? In “There’s No Going Back”, Ingrid and Rosemarie, On their way to reconcile their personal tragedy, come across the two questions above.
I would term their journey as an act of purging history, personal and political. Ingrid and Rosemarie visit Rügenwalde, an outpost of Further Pomerania, present day Poland, their childhood home. A Polish landowner and wife now occupy this house and…

I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW: The Wisdom of a Memoir

To see future and to learn from it may not be a practical choice. But for an individual, who would like to participate in the dance of consciousness to attain the elevated state of Higher Consciousness learning is unavoidable as well. How then can be see clearly, what every moment that transpires in our small lives mean?
I Can See Clearly Now does precisely that. This book tells us how.
In his latest bestselling book on higher living, self-reliance and self-development, I Can See Clearly Now, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ushers one into an arena of lessons he garnered through his life. I Can See Clearly Nowis a memoir that narrates how a young Wayne in his formative years and the years to come in his journey of being a master of new thought, contemporary metaphysics, and self-development faced many challenges without knowing they were all part of the mission he was assigned to on his earthly incarnation. In this sense, I Can See Clearly Now is also a confession from Dr. Dyer about his ignorance …

The Thugs and a Courtesan: A Review

This relatively short novel is on the life of a thug named Firangia and his extramarital affair with a Maratha princess named Chanda Bai. Author Mukta Singh-Zocchi’s narrative style is folklore-type and the story is woven with a historical background that of the Maratha prime minister, Balaji Baji Rao II’s exile imposed by the British.
In Chanda Bai, one can see the semblance of a patriotic warrior, who on the face of a foreign invasion attempts to save her motherland. The folktale-style narration keeps the story together even though the rituals and events in the story seem a bit absurd to the fanatics of ‘written’ history. However, with the background of historical events, The Thugs and a Courtesan stands out among other Indian writings in English in our time in its ambition and impact. Mukta Singh-Zocchi is born in Ithaca, New York and raised in New Delhi. The Thugs and a Courtesan is her first novel. The story begins as the narrator Zalim Singh raises the curtain to a series of cur…


An excerpt from UNCLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE Creating something new is like cleaning a well. Each time you go down, one is sure to come up with something new. Sometimes, this might be something gruesome, sometimes curious, and occasionally pleasant. However, each time, the excitement is renewed. We experience the joy of discovery.
I have not known a single individual, who could not experience this sense of wonder about the things that he or she faces when one becomes active in creation. Of course, you got me, I am about to suggest, creation is Divine. I have no doubt about that whatsoever.
The same excitement was coursing through my mind when I started a blog, about six years back in Google blogger, which still is a free and easy-to-use service. “The Indian Commentator”—I named my blog. It has become a part of my life. I have written hundreds of posts for my blog, through these years and thousands of people from all over the planet visit my blog, each week.
It has become a part of my life…


Wheneverasked what I wanted to become when I grew up, I had a firm little girl answer: “Veterinarian.” It was quite an influential treat to be seated like royalty atop a gorgeous animal every time my dad took us along to his research trips to horse breeding compounds. In elementary school, I fell out of love with my father’s profession as soon as I met my beautiful first grade teacher with the bluest blue eyes and a smile almost as sunny as my mom’s. I knew then: I wanted to become a teacher. While in high school, I tutored the children of several family friends and acquaintances on various school subjects. Long before my graduation from college, my wish had become a set passion.
Much time has passed since the world saw that fresh graduate with her never-ending enthusiasm for teaching. Thirty-seven years to be exact. Also, much has changed in higher education – my profession, that is. Significant modifications of teaching techniques and methods took place along with field-specific curr…