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Mind's Room

A eunuch once saw God.
“Give me the most powerful weapon in the world. I want top destroy the whole women in the world, for they remind me of my lack of masculinity”- He asked God.
God replied-“ Look into your mind!”
Yes, reader. Mind is the most powerful weapon and the hardest shield, which you can ever rely on. Make it your power and see the world around you changing. People can be seen losing their enthusiasm recurrently. We can see students and working people striving to get their enthusiasm back in the hazardous path of life. Is there any practical solution to keep you enthusiastic all the time?

Yes, there is. But first of all, we should pursue the causes for the lack of enthusiasm. That cause, I think, lies in the mind of an individual. When your mind feels uninterested in what you are doing, that would definitely try to avoid its presence in the bleary course of your action. And that results in the lack of enthusiasm. So, do only those thongs in which you feel comfortable and you l…


Amitab Bachan, Shahrukh Khan,
Salman Khan or Amir Khan,
No one could or no one can,
Act in “style” as Rajini can!

He is superb. He is star.
People call him super star!
Acting-wise, he marshals all,
Modeled he is, by them all.

He can lit fire, inside seas,
And open his heart on pleas.
He is stylish he is smart,
That’s why he is Rajini Kant!

He is kind he is humane.
Outside films, he is plane.
He delivers film dialogues, fine,
He rules thus our heart’s domain.

Unselfish his heart shines bright,
He walks always head upright.
Might he comes late but he wins,
Latest, on all those his foes!

He is dark and he is lean,
And not so tall as stars seen.
He still is but super star,
Says Indian Commentator.

Amitab Bachan, Shahrukh Khan,
Salman Khan or Amir Khan,
No one could or no one can,
Act in “style” as Rajini can!
Rajini Kant, the South Indian film actor, has fans not only in India but also all around the world. His fan following extends from Japan to…

Exam Special

What are you? –Some one asked.
I retorted- I am a question. An answerless question! If you want to know me, don’t ask questions. Just come to me and love.
How can one assess a person- his talents, his individuality, his knowledge, his skills, his demeanours, his wisdom, and a lot more things other than this- just by asking some questions?

Think of it, in the case of examinations. The class tests, the internal exams, the public exams, the entrance exams and many more! Think about them. You are being asked questions, direct or indirect, twisted or simple, with or without choices in brackets to select, objective or subjective in type.

Do these exams really assess what the real talent of the person is? If a person is- suppose, I am giving an example, just think- an athlete, how can you know what he can do, with a couple of questions in objective, subjective or any type? Oh, beaver get me a bridge!!!

I don’t know, whether any other method is adopted in any other part of the globe, other than …

Friends For Ever-2

Notfor gold or for any other treasures,
I can’t exchange the friendship of yours.
In all those fine weathers of learning days,
I found the finest feel with you always.
O friend, the gate that never closes there,
Had closed for sorrows outside of the door.
Gateless is the college and the minds there,
Where all sung songs of friendship’s metaphor!
May, this season trespass the age and time!
And hold the feeble days of stooping spine.
As you have spent your time for this verse mine,
I dedicate my life, for friendship thine…

This is The Indian Commentator’s dedication for all those wonderful people who believe in the power of love and friendship.

The White Tiger-A Review.

After finishing this novel we would think, where on the hell is this place? This place called India!

Balram Halwai, the protagonist of the novel, tells his lies, in the most truthful way. That lie, which assisted him to ascend from an ordinary car driver’s life to the life of an entrepreneur’s who lives and rules in Bangalore. He discloses the truths from the dark side of his life. In other words, he puts light on his dark ‘brown’ life. But the image evolves in that light of truth is, of an India’s. India seems to be standing nude. Without her attires of inheritance, traditional values, moral conducts, secularism and democratic pomp. Balram is seen “dipping his beak into” that India’s unchaste hole.

The epistolary novel in some occasions mocks the Indian secularism and in some, it mocks the casteism. On the whole it presence a bitter experience! Reason is simple. Balram Halwai is truth and truth is bitter, and he is the speaker.

The peculiarity of the novel is, the negative side of the p…

On a Family


In the whereabouts of that
Thickly filled town,
The family searched for a Chinese restaurant.
They were four.
They showed
Their bulged bags,
From the textile shops and jeweler,
With the at most haughtiness,
Though looked tired.

Kannur- the beach city of Malabar-
Passed the same exhaustion, to the family,
From the dust, the crowd and the traffic.
At last they found a Chinese restaurant.
The father looked at the others,
With risen furrows.
The young boy and elder girl,
Brought a smile on their dusty face.
The mother remained calm as if contented.

As they all went inside, the father in a secret move,
Checked his wallet and his furrows rose again.
When the others ordered delicious food,
He attended the funeral of his hunger.
Every one ate, but he didn’t.
But he was satisfied.

Rahman's Connections

Congrats AR!! for THE GOLDEN GLOBE...

A.R. Rahman’s charismatic music is once again rocking the music lovers, in India and all over the world. Just after the huge success of the Hindi film Gajini’s music, he has returned with a new music album with nine tracks, titled “Connections”.

The song “jiya se jiya” is creating waves in all music channels. This song would be available in some new models of Nokia phone also. The picturization of the song is exceedingly beautiful, similar to the mesmerizing music.

Beware of your feet! They may start rocking without your permission, on Sivamani’s drumbeats! It is no doubt a dancing track, and inspiring as well, like some romantic melodies.

The video has a placard shown in it, which reads: “Free Hugs”. People are seen showing these placards and giving hugs to each other. This, I think, gives a very important social message—spread love and compassion everywhere.

In the video, you can see people offering hugs to each other, irrespective of the gender di…

Vendetta Celebrations!

On this New Year eve, my hours were full of dilemma of what to write for my readers as a New Year gift. My senses were set loose. But they couldn’t trap any expressible idea.

The seven O’clock news in a Malayalam TV channel, at once blotted off my-what-to-do-mentality. The news was about the new occurrences of killings in Kannur and Thalassery. Political murders!

Politics has given Kannur its part, in the New Year colours, the colour of blood! A political riot was broken out and high alert had been proclaimed in many areas.

As per my family’s advice, I remained at home. At about ten O’clock I gave a short visit to the nearby town. The television had filled in me, a vibrant and colourful expectation about the New Year celebrations. My eyes were accustomed to the colourfulness, after long hours of watching the New Year programmes on TV. But my eyes were dejected by the scenes I saw on the streets and town. There were not much people on the streets, and the shops are mostly closed.

If the Ma…