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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!

A man with the power over the multitude, who in his every movement can create wonders, whose voice can echo in the four corners of the earth, is nothing short of a super hero. But you can call him Michael Jackson, as well.
Being a middle class Indian, for me, Michael Jackson is a musical super hero. I have only seen and heard him through his songs and videos. I think, for so many others around the globe, MJ, would be a similar experience. And for those so many and me, around the world, MJ is still there as a dancing figure, and as the King of Pop. Why should one believe that he is dead, if his presence has still been experienced in the same way and intensity? The world is celebrating his birthday as ever.His publicity hasn't decreased even after his physical death.They say that music has no death. It can also be said that successful musicians also survive forever. M. J was also a successful musician and so is over powering his death. It is not only true with musicians, but also tru…

You're gonna get it soon!

"...for a pop legend, listening to himself, other than to his multi-millionaire sponsors, is a matter, less short of death. So he decided to die...

He wanted to regain something that he had lost...".

Read and feel the ground rocking tale! The Indian Commentator presents: MICHAEL: THE MIGHTIEST. "A tale untold, yet." COMING SOON.A fortnightly fiction.

Swine Flu.

Dear readers, I am attempting a poem on Swine Flu this time. While writing this poem, I had one thing in my mind to share with you: hope. The disease has brought home great many troubles and hopelessness as a necessary repercussion. I wanted to make a change to this thought and to give a little comfort for the suffering lot. My poem ends with an affirmation of hope, which may seem unusual for some readers.I believe if you can conceive something, there are possibilities for that thing to happen in real. Let me remind you one more thing, the most usual things in the world, take place in a way that is mostly unusual! Swine Flu:..........................While the rain harvests the blossoms from the wild weeds, and the retreat of the sun behind the cloud veil becomes complete, the invisible organisms intrude into the skin and scions of human kind. It is the shadow wall of protection that had got undone. The folks wanted to play gambler, to test their luck to abate the …

Madonna's Show in Holland.

Even the most thrilling and fantastic stories have to have its characters follow some common connections corresponding to age and physique, but if Madonna, the queen of pop, became the protagonist of any of the realistic narrative, she would be the most unreal character of the narrative, in terms of her age-physique relation. Madonna had registered her success not only in music as a singer, but also, as a film producer, a song writer, an author, a fashion designer and in many other fields of activity. The secrets of her youthfulness and energy, are only known to her. Even at about the age of 50, she is as charming and sexy as she was. She has already qualified for the epithet of "eternal youth" along with title "the queen of pop". Isn't it the controversies that come to your mind now? Controversies related with the adoption of kids and her "young husbands"? As for the adoption of kids, she deserves some credits for providing a more than decent living …

The World of Thoughts

Getting the "right" kind of education is as significant as being educated. But almost 75% of the world's population of students are being deprived of quality education disregarding the socio-economic or cultural standards of the countries to which they belong. The "right kind of education" is not something that can be perceived in the curriculum or in the syllabus of the educational institution, but it is the collective influence of all these factors upon the individual student, under which the student will become capable of adhering himself without causing any unnecessary tension, to the social order and at the same time, will be able to question the very notion of 'society' itself with cogent critical perspectives. The absence of such a condition is what makes some say, there can be seen more wisdom sometimes in the uneducated people than, the educated. The university products will only be labelled to be the university wits and fail to address any o…