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Michael: The Moon Walker!

You are the one magic fiddle I had.All the time, which by its own played. I knew you were not a dead instrument, but you lived with me, like a musical tenet. Still I neglected your life and being. You were used by tautening your strings,
Every day and every lonely nights, whenever I wanted peace.You were the property, I kept through my days. Your voice became my companion. I knew you are a magical fiddle,clarion. You had danced for me,Whenever I lacked glee.
You walked on the moon, and moved in robotic style, I still recollect, how invincible you were that while! You screamed in joy, musically, You made the days rock excitedly. But at last, you have stopped the magic tone... Once and for all you ended your song, filling unknown endless void everywhere.
In my dictionary, the word for loss seemed rare. For utterance, I felt gathering each possible way, Your silence is moredeeper than a 'loss'... that is,to say.
(A Tribute to Michael Jackson)

Homage to Michael Jackson!

When the light goes out, a void is created, which nothing else can fill except darkness...

"The King of Pop" Michael Jackson, passed away. Let the world mourn as it lost the voice, which had taught it to 'scream' with joy, in music.

The Indian Commentator mourns in the death of the legendary singer. May god bless his soul rest in peace...

You can read the news here...

The Indian Commentator's Homage.

Let Us Sign This Agreement.

'Thechild is the father of the man', but the man always forgets, how he had felt when he was a child. The only way that leaves, is to study about his past, living in his present. In this endeavour, certain things are purposefully avoided and certain other things are included, 'as if' to construct and convey the apt performance of the endeavour that he has undertaken. The children's help lines and child welfare organisations like the UNICEF are only a few examples of this endeavour. Even though, children are being 'watched', from reaching in wrong hands, we still need a day like the one observed on the 12th of June, The world Day Against Child labour, proving the futility of our 'watch'. Child sexual abuses, child trafficking, child labour, and even child marriages are forming topics for serious discussions. And many children are rescued from wrong hands, by the help lines and police and other governmental and non governmental organisations. But …

Colour Consciousness in India

India is on the victims' side, in racism. In anti-racial movements, it is on the protesters' side. But both these identities seem absurd when, the extent to which this country is doomed, in its blindness to human equality, is out. It neither rejects caste ism nor closes its eyes on skin colour. Now, a question arises, how did these practices of caste ism and colour consciousness emerge? In order to get an answer, we must ask this question to our grant fore-fathers, which is not possible now, for as a matter of fact, those grant paternal 'culture creators' are long gone into sod. The only possible way is to make our own assumptions as we always do, if we expect to get an answer to the above question. Thus, even though practitioners died, practices exist. These practices unveil themselves in the advertisements of fairness creams in our television channels and the beautiful "fair" looking heroins of the Indian cinema. As an instance, if the advertisements ar…

Good People

Civilization is a word, deep in meaning and vast in its implications. It is an aspect that humanity holistically acquired through the process of evolution.

Everywhere around the world, humanity established civilizations, though the Western sardonic perception never identified the existence of such civilizations in the East. This is what caused them to bear the 'white man's burden' only to make themselves a butt of ridicule. The people in the East were identified more civilized and intelligent than the West, scientifically. The only reason, why they accepted the aspects of western life, was they needed a change. The Western part of the globe and the white possessors of it, always regarded East as uncivilized. Even after having so many proofs for this hypothesis to be discarded, the West was adamant with their foolishness. Some of them regard the colour of the skin as a criterion for superiority, unlike the East who recognizes the intellectual ability, and physical persevera…