Year One: The Movie

Warning: This movie is outrageously anti-gay and anti-Biblical, at the same time.
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What If someone puts a couple of twenty-first century nerds in the Neolithic Age, how would it all turn out to be? The answer is Year One. It is a movie about two Stone Age men, Zed (Jack Black), who is a hunter, and Oh (Michael Cera), who is a gatherer. The story is set in close proximity with the post-paradise life of the chosen ones.

Zed and Oh are exiled from their tribe and in their quest to find another tribe, they meet Cain and Abel. From this moment onwards, the story takes place through some of the major Biblical events and portrays some of its powerful characters with a different approach.

Humour is the main tool Year One has utilized to deal with the Biblical tales. Imagine Christopher Mintz-Plasse (the nerd in Superbad, and Rolemodels) as Isaac, the son of Abraham. What else can you expect other than hilarious riots of laughter. Although in Year One, Christopher’s role is not so predominant, he still leaves his mark and there is no question of his talent. Some Christians as well as Jews might as well take offence with the way the movie portrays circumcision and related events. Abraham chases down Isaac with a butcher’s knife in his hand to circumcise his son.  

Eventually, Zed and Oh reaches Sodom, the twin city that was cursed by God. Sodomy is ridiculed and is proclaimed as unthinkable. Of course, in a religious ethics, it is. However, in terms of the thoughts proclaimed by the gay rights activists, I do not think this part would be acceptable. Religion too, is mocked and ridiculed. This is how Year One becomes anti-gay and anti-Biblical, at the same time.
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Oops! Did I mention? Zed had eaten the forbidden fruit, in the beginning. This is the reason why he was outcast from his tribe. But then, he burnt someone’s hut too. It’s a big problem when your destiny is to be the ‘Chosen One’, and all you can think about is living like a non-existent in your village.

Year One is a comedy directed by Harold Ramis, and produced by Judd Apatow. Released in 2009, this movie does follow much of the same comic elements one might find in Role Models and Superbad. Unlike these two movies mentioned, the two women characters Maya (June Diane Raphael) and Eema (Juno Temple) in Year One do not add much spice to the story.

After eating the forbidden fruit, Zed realizes that something is imminent. He does not know what, yet. He will see, and so do you. 

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