Thursday, August 15, 2013

67th Independence Day; India

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India is celebrating 67th Independence Day. Our nation has achieved regularity in the reception of threats from terrorists, if not anything else! Pakistan has let it army dog on lose in the border in order to aggravate the element of uncertainty a bit higher than usual.

Indo-Pak struggle is not certainly without any significant meaning for the people of both India and Pakistan, other than the killings. Citizens of both nations invest a great deal of patriotic spirit on the apparent conflicts. Needless to say, with each bullet fired in the border, blood boils with pride and love for nation, in both countries.
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However, if this was only the case of patriotism, we could settle it with a cricket match. Why should there be a war? With a neighboring army with a fragile ego and senseless leadership, India should take extra precautions. However, thinking about war on an independence day would desecrate the significance of the occasion.

On this memorial of the day of securing our independence from a colonial power, let us try to figure out the true meaning of 'liberated' existence.

The Indian Commentator wishes all, a happy Independence Day! 

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