Friday, August 2, 2013

Heavy Storm...No Power!

North of Kerala is trapped in the center of a heavy storm. 

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Only the all-decisive nature could hold TIC from publishing a post the day before. Perhaps, the momentary incapability in providing a creative solution too handcuffed its proprietor. Either way, the result is a discontinuity that triggered a chain of disturbing thoughts in my mind. I may not be able to share all the disturbance that occupied my thoughts, on this day, However, I can surely manage to express what it means by having a break in the regularity in blog posts.

Ever since I published Wall of Colours and Other Stories, I felt inclined towards filling the blank moments--the moments when I do nothing else physically--with writing short articles, columns, and anecdotes. This thought was pushed forward by a desire to see my blog-space an active location for readers. Only if I write and publish every day, can a reader take home fresh literary/reading experience. The idea of filling fun in words thus became a reality. Articles, short stories, and satires thrived successfully among the multitudes of other blogs and their posts in the blogosphere, in TIC, The Indian Commentator.

I still do not know, what might result in to have a breach in the continuity of posting articles on a working day. A “working day” for TIC means the weekdays when the blog is updated, including Saturdays. Sundays are holidays.

It has been raining like hell, for the past few days. Yesterday, the wind got stronger and a storm set in, toppling trees and roofs of buildings, especially tiled-roofs. One of those trees fell on an electric line in my vicinity too. Due to this reason my house was in darkness for the past 24 hours. And I am forced to do this blog post at my college. Thanks to the authorities, who let their employee carry forward a creative stream of activity, without interruption.

It was not an isolated situation. Everywhere, trees had been uprooted by the strong winds. The previous day when I was coming back from college, the traffic was in a snarl up. They said a tree had fallen somewhere across the road. This awareness that a widespread natural calamity is on the prowl kept an imminent bad temper outburst at bay. A flawed power supply in the normal case,  would have infuriated me, as it suggested to me nothing else but an underperformed band of employees in the Department of Electricity.

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I have come up with a solution to cross the canyon that opened up between Wednesday and today (Friday). The solution has been taken up as a decision, by the respected committee of overseers and others. (These bouts of multiple personality presence is normal. Do not worry. All I meant by the “committee of overseers and others” is myself. You see, when you talk with a writer, you are not essentially talking with a single person. On the other hand, you are communicating with many individuals and personalities, who exist inside the writer’s mind.) In order to fill the Thursday gap, I will make a compensatory post on this Sunday.

It means, if it did not rain the similar way on the coming days too, and everything worked fine, I would be back on tomorrow with a Saturday Flick.

Let's wait patiently.  

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