Friday, August 9, 2013

2 Useful Tips for the Traveler of Long Paths

The article you are currently reading is the 100th in this webpage in 2013. By any standards, writing 100 articles in eight months is not a big deal. However, I always keep my standards to that degree where I am able to appreciate my own achievements and small victories with myself. Occasionally, some of my friends come along and make these special moments even more special. One of them requires special prayers from all of my readers to pacify her grief-afflicted mind. She has been an enthusiast of my writing attempts, ever since I started TIC. It is natural, although, I miss her terribly, on this day. 2013, apparently has not been a very joyful year for her and her family.  

I would like to share two tips for a traveler who is destined to travel longer paths.

One-when you have crossed a long distance, always stop, and look back. This will help in two ways. Firstly, this will help the traveler feel joyous inwardly by appreciating the distance he had successfully completed. Secondly, one would know what happened to those who had started along with one, but could not meet up with each other at the juncture.  
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Two-the traveler should take less baggage. This would help one in appreciating the minute but substantial achievements one comes across during the journey. And when one looks back, the faintest glimpse of the starting point would fill one’s heart with utmost joy without being burdened by the heaviness of luggage.

It’s been a journey for me, a wonderful one, indeed. This year, my long awaited publishing venture was successfully accomplished through Wall of Colours and Other Stories. More importantly, I have been able to write 100 articles on various themes and topics through these eight months. I would like to mention that those were not only non-fiction, but also short-fiction. On such an occasion, wouldn’t it be a great idea to look back and to acknowledge the starting point?

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I am thankful to that Supreme Authority, whose consciousness is the Cosmos. I am just a medium. The Hand that had written me, had written all that I write about.

The January of this year, on the New Year’s Day, I made a short post on a missing girl from Kochi. Girl missing and rape cases were on the blast during that time. Even now, different governments are incapable to solve many of these issues, and the women of this nation, which has a great heritage of worshipping feminity, are ill-treated on a daily basis.

It is not clear if they found this girl, who was reported missing back then, either. You can read the post below:
Pain never takes vacation. Here is another news of girl-missing. There is no telling what I feel or what any of them who are close to this girl feels. I do not think this is a time, when we can think about sorrow and pain. This is time to act, to find them, all those missing from their homes, their families, and beloved ones.     

Dear reader, thank you.
 Eid Mubarak! 


the observer said...

Hi, Friend! You are an inspiration to all those who aspire to be a writer, an energy river. Keep rocking!

Anu Lal said...

Thank you dear friend! I am honoured!