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Where Do Themes Come From?

If you are a writer, or blogger, finding themes for you works is crucial. In order to maintain a steady flow of material is the hardest task any one can handle. It not just what your themes are, but it is also about where and how to find them. I have decided to share this article with you, so that you too can make use of the wisdom in it, in order to fulfill the call of your destiny—that is—writing.  Practicing the craft of writing every day is as important as reading books to engage the imaginative and artistic faculty on a daily basis. Daily writing tones and prunes the skills of a writer to perfection. The internet has no shortage in the number of ‘How-to’ pages. They will tell you how to write a story, a book, a love letter, or even a computer code. Perhaps, there is a ‘How-to’ page on how to find themes for your stories, or articles, or poems as well. I am not concerned about those sites, here. However, what I do feel concerned about is a website that might tell you where to find …