Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Secret of Dr.Weiss

"Hatred is love without the facts.” —Richard Bach (One)

At first reading, I thought I misread it. So I read it again. It sounded the same—bizarre, as if some grammatical error had ruined a piece of the beautifully written book.

Only Love is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited by Dr. Brian Weiss, first published in 1996 held out a promise to whoever leaved through the pages—life is a continuation of awareness in the timeless universe. One can also observe a two sided discourse associated with the title itself—love and reunion.

Only Love is Real deals with real life experiences from Dr. Brian Weiss’ life and practices as a psychotherapist. He substantiates that individuals meet through lifetimes in search of love. Soulmates come and meet with their beloved ones in life after death. Reincarnation, in Only Love is Real becomes a physical reality. Every reader is pushed through the door of skepticism and doubt, but at the end, familiarized with the idea. The question that came to my mind when I considered this was; why is it that we believe in such a thing as reincarnation in a scientific level, after reading this book, when it is actually not an accepted fact by the dominant scientific communities or mainstream cultural critics.
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Where does this conviction come from?

First of all, all of Dr. Weiss’s case studies and conclusions seem genuine and based on actual people and events. His books are written with the cadence of nonfiction. This provides another reason for his readers to consider his works trustworthy.

However, in my point of view, the most serious element that brings readers into Dr. Weiss’ works is his subject matter—love. In One, which although, is labeled novel, carries all elements to be considered nonfiction or philosophical treatise, Richard Bach demonstrates the same idea-love can unite people through lifetimes. Bach even uses hatred in parenthesis with love. Love is an enveloping force in life, civilization, and the cosmos, for Richard Bach. Read parallels with Dr. Weiss.

If we look closer into One, we can also find similar concepts intertwine its pages too, that of parallel lives, life after death, and the dominating power of love, etc.

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