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The Disease of Extroversion: Noise Vs Silence

Extroversion has become the norm of success. Within the Indian context, there was a time, fifty years back when a person’s inward character was more important than how he or she performed outwardly. With the technological renaissance and the growth of new educational institutions and their revised curriculums, the culture started favouring the outgoing ones. Speaking out became the norm and silent contemplation was looked down up on as a debilitating practice, in need of some severe personality training.
Corollary to this cultural move was the rise of personality trainers in India. The boom in B-Schools in India and their promotion of the exuberant selves are examples that can prove my point. Even English language training institutes focus on the sociable side of individuals and those who cannot bring themselves up to the interactive standards are considered failures. In fact, the sheer number of such institutes nicknamed “Spoken English coaching centers” in each area, from villages t…