Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Petrol Price Hike: Revelations

Discretion advised  

Irikkur-Tellicherry Road: on a quiet day
When the price for petrol was increased, I thought the world would end. The politicians, media, and everyone I met on the road was bantering about the same issue. Some worker’s unions called off a motor vehicle strike. Good thing, I thought.

I had thought that I would be able to utilize the one day off by spending time with myself, recharging my batteries, reading a book, and taking a nap. However, there were some familial obligations. Some workers had been arranged on this day to clean our property surrounding the house, and modify some of the landscaping. The question was how I am going to make use of the full potential of the day in my favour.

I had to go out to the town and buy some vegetables, in the morning. Lunch had to be arranged for the workers at home, for there were no restaurants open on this day. I was also doubtful about the vegetable stores. Due to the motor vehicle strike, the number of people on the streets is very less. Therefore, the possibility for stores to open, too, was less. As the motor vehicle strike showed the public anger at the wrong policies of the government, most people might prefer staying at home (except the workers, at home. Strange!). That is how we, in India protest.

Indians, have a childish sulking temper that would be inflamed whenever we discover a government doing backhand deals with corporate powers to sell its own citizens, raise prices of necessary items, or face charges of corruption. As a result, we, the people, would adamantly state that we do not go for work. That’s that!

I have a ten-minute walk to the nearby town, from my home. It was mostly an abandoned road, on which I treaded. The sky was surprisingly bright and blue, and the distant mountains shone in emerald blue with smiling clouds to skirt them from the flirting sun. I thought about my life. I work five days a week, as a lecturer. Sometimes, it even extends to six days. Mostly, I end up having no time with me to work on other areas needed to make one’s life worth living, such as reading, leisure-time, and of course, writing- the elixir for my life.

A white dove fluttered its wings over my head. I heard its sound like in a dream. It reminded me of an old friend of mine, a mysterious old man I met at the sea-town of Tellicherry— Alfadur. He had taught me how to create the Portal of Forward Movement with one’s intent, and how to deliver oneself from the obstacle of staticity.

By staticity, Alfadur had meant the state, where all human beings are unable to perform any sort of forward movement. I was, sadly in the same static state. I did not want to participate in the household and mundane activities on this day, as it was the only day I get to do some recreational work and writing. Alfadur had taught me that I could create the Portal of Forward Movement and project my inner self through the Portal into the dimension I wish to exist. The energy needed for this process was the ‘wish’ or ‘intent’.

I had heard about ‘intent’ in Carlos Castaneda’s works as well, in which it gets a deeper sense as close as the divine power that exists in the cosmos, in an omnipresent state. Alfadur did not tell me about that side of ‘intent’. For him, ‘intent’ was the same as ‘urge’. He called the cosmic energy ‘Ya’, instead of ‘intent’ as seen in Castaneda’s works. Perhaps, Alfadur chose a different word.                 
The Portal of Forward Movement
The conditions required for creating the Portal of Forward Movement were ideal to that day’s—a crystal clear sky with shreds of clouds, with a blue scenery in the vicinity. I stopped walking suddenly, and focused all my attention on a piece of cloud floating above me, up in the sky. Then I closed my eyes, and projected all my intention forward, into the space in front of me. The cloud materialized in front of me in a circular shape that stood vertically.

A step forward could make me capable of projecting myself into the dimension of altered reality, where I could write as I want and curl up in my bed with a book, for as long as I wish. And of course, kiss my girl.

After ten minutes, I reached the town. Only one shop that sold vegetables opened. I did not know what I did there. When I came back home, I had a pack of potatoes, and one cucumber, exactly what my mother asked me to buy.

At the same time, there was another me, at another dimension, bringing his words to life.


the observer said...


Glad to know that you made use of the day effectively. Me too. Did some work @ home, and watched "Cast Away"...

Anu Lal said...

Thank you Sarath! Cast Away is one of my favourite movies. It is fab! I watched Signs, by Manoj. Night Shyamalan. Nice one! A different treatment.