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The Buddha and the Terrorist

Once the US senate unleashes the verdict, Syria will burn with missiles and bullets. The world is about to witness one more grand show of justice. The face of this show is yet another binary opposite—innocence and arrogance. It is easy to confound the world by the mention of these two words, especially if one tries to find two respective faces to fit in with each of the description. Easier would be to identify this binary: good and evil. There is no question, America and other free world nations stand by innocence and good. The totalitarian regime in Syria is the evil, arrogance.
In this innocence Vs arrogance show of the Post-9/11 world Colosseum, the parties that are the innocence group would use the same types of weapons and methods to contend the arrogance side. The motto of innocence would be ‘annihilation’. Anyone who has eyes to see can see a fundamental reversal of motives at this point. This is the central theme of The Buddha and the Terrorist: The Story of Angulimala by Sati…