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Good Times will be back

It is often easy to say that we are stuck in the sea of negative energy. Having confined amidst hard times, one is often unable to perform his best in the commitments to the self as well as to others. However, in the post-relativity-theory world we should be extremely careful talking about good and bad. The evil upper hand the theory of relativity provided some of us is this imposing confusion.

Is it actually a bad time for all of us? Or is it just our way of looking at things?
If we are faltering in our commitments and personal goals, and hide behind the comforting reasons of it being a bad time for good things to happen, then we are making the most of it, no matter if it is good times or bad. We have to look at our reality, (talking about the physical reality here) with a perspective less tainted by parochial subjectivism. When we replace “I”, “me”, and “you” with “we” and “us” the resulting picture of the world is where we need to look for good times or bad times.
It is evident tha…