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Heavy Storm...No Power!

North of Kerala is trapped in the center of a heavy storm.  Only the all-decisive nature could hold TIC from publishing a post the day before. Perhaps, the momentary incapability in providing a creative solution too handcuffed its proprietor. Either way, the result is a discontinuity that triggered a chain of disturbing thoughts in my mind. I may not be able to share all the disturbance that occupied my thoughts, on this day, However, I can surely manage to express what it means by having a break in the regularity in blog posts.
Ever since I published Wall of Colours and Other Stories, I felt inclined towards filling the blank moments--the moments when I do nothing else physically--with writing short articles, columns, and anecdotes. This thought was pushed forward by a desire to see my blog-space an active location for readers. Only if I write and publish every day, can a reader take home fresh literary/reading experience. The idea of filling fun in words thus became a reality. Artic…