Friday, January 8, 2021


 History of England I: Earliest Times to c.1600 CE

Unit I

Roman Conquest 

Paragraph question: Main points in Exam Perspective

  1. Julius Caesar crossed the English channel and came to Britain in 55 BC.

  2. Cassivellaunus, a Celtic chieftain, who ruled the territory north of the River Thames, led the native British tribes in opposition to Julius Caesar on his second expedition in 54 BC. 

  3. Caesar obtained only nominal subjugation of the Celtic rulers.

  4. In 43 AD, Emperor Claudius of Rome decided to conquer Britain. 

  5. A systematic conquest of Britain by first sending his general with an army and then going there by himself. 

  6. He made Britain a Roman Province and appointed a governor. 

  7. During this juncture, Boudicca, Queen of a British tribe, the Iceni, led an uprising against a tyrannical Roman governor in AD 61. 

  8. In 78 AD Julius Agricola, the most famous Roman Governor and Commander came to Britain and ruled it up to 85 AD.

  9. He tried to Romanize them. 

  10. The roman rule in Britain came to an end with the withdrawal of the legions by Emperor Honorius of Rome in 410 AD. 

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