Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Questions in Love

The question in love is 'Yes' or 'No'. They can be answers too, but it is when they are asked, they become more significant. For they carry with them, all the vulnerability, security, instability, surety, hopelessness, hope, anxiety, and peace involved in love.

Everyone believes they fall in love or raise in love--as some like to believe-- and some live with whom they love, some die, some simply forget, never identifying what actually they felt towards the person they met. It might be an attraction for their physical appearance, liking towards their character, or feeling of comfort when they spend time with each other. Love never happens when they believe it to be. The majority will not realise when it happens. Those who realise this, may differ in their sensation of the feeling of love from the others. There are some who take it as a feeling of hatred. This is the reason that in love, some people, fight. They feel as if fighting would bring their partner closer and they feel comfortable about it. For them, love begins from hatred and it breaks all the barriers slowly and unknowingly. When they fight, they merge with each other and feel closer with each other than they never were before.

Every love story--unfortunately-- follows the same pattern and two courses, either of separation of the lovers or of their union. Every heart, in love, breaks at least once, after which it ceases to be a heart, instead, it becomes a door through which the soul comes out and searches salvation. I think it is true. I have come across a story, a very short one, in my life, which proves it. I would like to share it with you. If you are interested in reading that little cute story, hit your mouse on this link...Love Break

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Give and Take.

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[a story from India, dedicated to all the teachers and students in the world...]

It was my friend who told me about Raghavan master that, he is one of the greatest teachers he has ever met, and that he would be a good choice for me too.

“Why should I go searching for a teacher? I simply get them in my school.”–I said.

“If you want to be guided, you should search for your guide. It is your duty and necessity, you will understand it, my friend.”–He said, with peace in his words.

“But how can we realise that someone is the best teacher or guide? How can we find them?”–I was curious this time.

He narrated me his own experience, how he had found his teacher.

“It was I who searched for my teacher, but it was my teacher, as I now realise benefited by me.”

Seeing me rather interested in his deep philosophy, he smiled and continued. (And I like him for that, he gets me quickly).

He continued: “When I met Raghavan master, he asked me, what I wanted. I said-’I want to know about life.’ To this, he replied–’But

I don’t know what life is. Then how can I teach you about life?

I said : ‘That shows you know a great deal about life, for life is undefinable and is like an unanswerable question. You are the right person to teach me.”– I had understood that he had the abundent wealth of knowledge with him. And he took me in.”

My friend stopped talking and looked at me on my lips, which had already started moving uncontrollably.

I only said–”I understood”.

Will you wait for the one?

How many of us wait for someone? I am not talking about waiting for love to happen, but waiting for the beloved who has departed from you due to some reasons, except death. I have published a small piece carrying my views on this topic. You can read that on this link: Socyberty . I request you to write your opinions as well in the comment box below.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Individual, the conglomerate entity, has differences rather than similarities with each other. But every individual is confined to the helplessness of generalized perception. In other words, it is a human deficiency that human beings can't afford unwanted energy expenditure as part of their increasing utility demands that leads them to generalize things to a certain extent on the basis of some perceivable common threads running through them. These threads can be observed as the major factors identified similar in the things around. This 'weakness' of identifying similarities can be a boon to the human civilization.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


on one personal pain...

catastrophe of the night,

ravished me with a meteorite,

of the heavenly space.

I welled up, as an emotion,

unexampled, inexplicable,

I felt highly vulnerable.

The dark barbarian has his hands,

and legs and his whole body,

rested upon my flesh,

crushing it down the earth.

I cried, I spewed out my stomach,

my eyes came out of the skull,

my skin ripped off and my mind,

left alone, like an emotion inexplicable.

I cried.

Tears turned to blood.

And I knew the morning was coming.

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[The poem was formerly published with Authspot ]

Just let the day pass,

and let the moon rest,

in the night's lap.

To give you hopes,

of thousands of stars.

The day will take away with it,

the rain and flaming sun.

Your bread might be wet,

from the lack of roof.

Your hearth might be damp,

and there might only be smoke.

Your children might scream in-

the sermon of hunger;

in its metamorphosis:

void in front of the eye holes.

And your wife's breasts might stick to bone,

as if your husband's time has gone.

Then you are about to have -

a gleam of truth;

It lacks that last bit of potion,

to save some lives: love;

the invaluable currency.

The world has gone crazy in growth!

Let the day pass.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


You don't know me,

more than a stranger does.

Even strangers know that,

they don't know me.

But you have declared, in an instance that,

you know me, like I am nothing.

As if I am nothing more

than a wall notice you had read.

As if with a meter scale you can,

assess me like the stumps you had seen.

As if with a plain gaze you can see across,

like the rivers you had met.

As if with a stone you can throw me down,

like the fruits you had tasted.

You don't know me,

more than a stranger does.

Even the strangers know what epics are,

what trees, the ocean, or the stars are.

And you know me?

Did you know that I do not exist?

Or that I lied?


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The thing I drew was a female.
The thing was as if in a mirror,
someone standing in between-
me and my art: a female thing.
The thing was only a thing,
as it had no hands to clasp,
and no legs to part;
a torso: on which I can work-
my inmost sensuous spark.
I made her nothing short of-
an exhibition piece.
The pride I had was that of a 'creator';
But the pride died quickly,
and the corpse turned into lust.
The only thing I found in her as lack,
was the place for me to enter.
[This poem is previously published in BOOKSIE ]