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24 February 2015

Hello everyone! If you are a regular visitor to my blog, The Indian Commentator, I would like to address an issue more in tune with what you might be feeling right now. At last, we have a blog post live, you might be thinking. 

There have been a series of events, good and bad, confusing and confiding that altered the path of my life as a regular blogger into a fortnightly blogger, and that again into a monthly blogger. Although I eagerly wish to avoid this gap that has been occurring in my blogging schedule, the firm decisions made by the Cosmos are taking me into territories traversed never before. I am talking about those same events that mattered more than blogging.
Ensaf Haidar, wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi

Perhaps, you might read an article online talking about pitfalls in blogging, and find “not attending one's blog for a considerably long period of time” as one of the reasons for low number of pageviews. Needless to say, the same is my situation too. Not attending your blog on a daily or regular basis is indeed a short cut to saying good-bye to mighty number of pageviews. Sometimes, in life, page views do not matter. What matters is the value we give to our creative expressions and as a corollary, to ourselves. When someone discovers the perfect balance between one's creative spur and values that line our innermost ligaments of consciousness, peace will descend upon one through the confirmed sense of contentment.  

I am talking about the most important value that any human being can possess—contentment. It is not just an isolated ethical stand or value. Instead, contentment is the optimizing agent of an individual's value system. Imagine a football field where fifty people are assembled. Each of them has a sword or spear in hand, like in a colosseum where Gladiators fight. They are about to start a blood bash on the question who would get the first kick of the ball, in the game that is about to be played. Now imagine, value is the game of football, and contentment is an empty green field with no sword bearer on it. If the sword bearers are allowed to march on the field, not letting the players come in and warm up, then without the green field there would be no football match. Without contentment, there would be no values. 
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I cannot say, I decided to be the most content person on earth. Half a dozen years of blogging taught me that I must be content with the present. This leads me to my earlier point. I must accept that sometimes, life offers beautiful chances to be grateful for everything than blogging. We have to answer life. Some beautiful things are happening in my family. I will get to that later, in another blog post. Some confusing things are happening in my publishing life too. I would like to reserve the discussion over publishing for a later time, as well.

I am about to discuss an issue that I think deserves serious attention. Is contentment a crucial element in deciding a society's response to corruption, ethical disintegration, or injustice? If a society experiences contentment in its current state of affairs, would it still revolt against an unethical practice prevalent inside its cogs and machinery, which the society itself partly a creator and benefactor of?

If the answer is yes, then we must understand that every society deserves a moment of awareness, an epiphany, in order to connect itself with a greater truth or well-being. This also indicates that every society deserves second chances and time to imbibe change as per the supplied insight by the greater truth or the idea of well being. Then, inevitably, we must forgive those who demolished the masjid in Ayodhya and arsoned the churches in Delhi. We must also give a second chance to that great middle-eastern nation that incarcerated a blogger for attempting to contribute to a higher truth. However, the greater crime among these, that is demolishing ancient buildings and burning down places of worship, is silencing a writer. 
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A writer is the only hope of bringing the much-needed epiphany to the souls that occupy a specific society. By incarcerating the blogger, the middle-eastern nation has revoked its own chances to align with the state of awareness that presents any society with the chance of seeing its own corrosion, inner damage, corruption. In other words, that nation has just demolished the foot of the very own ladder by which the hope of survival for its descendants were guaranteed.
A culture can silence a writer, but the echo of many unwritten words would haunt it until it’s very foundations come down to meet with dust. It was this necessity, the desire that spoke to me in my awareness about the distribution of Cosmic Epiphany to every individual and every society to come back to my desk and blog.
I am not a regular blogger any more. I have matters to attend to. But I still am a regular human being. I attend to my humanity on a regular basis and unlike many of those who are burning with a deep discontent for things and matters that are as fleeting as the shine on the surface of a country river in summer time, I still possess a desire keep my values intact.
The greatest challenge of our time is not how to earn more money, but how to add more value to what we already have. Some say, value comes from forgetting ourselves and dedicating our lives in service of others. Some say, value is as transient as money itself. In my view, value need not be searched for outside. The value of our life is not in relation with our actions alone, or what we do for others. Value of life exists not in excluding one idea from another or preferring one action over the other. One can find value by being true to the sense of love that one feels deep within our consciousness, the love that we feel for someone else no matter what our color, language, creed, or nationality is.
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Today, I felt that my commitment is towards that blogger who is spending his time in jail, and is flogged by the government somewhere, in some desert kingdom. This is the reason why I postponed the discussion of that beautiful event that is transpiring at my home, and those confusing events related to my publishing life.

Each book, each blog post is a necessary element in providing the awareness to people and societies to achieve that state of higher consciousness that can promote values and demote the corruption inherent in the cogs and machinery the system. Clenched Hands, Bloody Nails, my fourth collection of fiction, is almost ready to receive its printing ink. This book wouldn’t have come out at a better time. On this occasion, I find it hard to believe that the necessity for a book could be of this magnitude. Clenched Hands, Bloody Nails deals with the question of what happens when love does not function the same way it is destined to. Many characters are also representations of societies that can silence its own individuals for many reasons, like that desert kingdom in the Middle East that locked up its blogger, as a vengeful act in fear of losing its face in front of his writing. There would never be a better time to write and publish Clenched Hands, Bloody Nails. I believe that the Cosmos has provided me with the right time to release my new book.

Clenched Hands, Bloody Nails prophecizes that the cost of vengeance is the demolition of the avenger. Soon, in the near future, if you hear the desert had swallowed a whole kingdom like many a mighty lands in the great scriptures, you need not be surprised.  
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Friday, February 13, 2015

VALENTINE’S DAY: Why Do They Fear It in India?

Two things have changed since I understood what Valentine’s Day is and why some people get excited when this day arrives on 14 February, every year.

One—they have started using the term “V-day” for Valentine’s Day these days, as if it's Vagina Day or Victory Day or something. Two—some extremist parties have proclaimed Valentine’s Day a “No Love Day” in India.

Adding to the farce, (I mean the second change I mentioned about Valentine’s Day) the Indian state of “Chhattisgarh renamed V-Day as ‘Matru-Pitru Diwas’, meaning the ‘day for mother and father’. In other words, by “loving” on Valentine’s Day, you might get yourself beaten up or in some unfortunate cases, killed. In Chhattisgarh though, you may be arrested and send to prison because the Matru-Pitru Diwas is announced by the government itself.

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I have felt it always easy, when writing non-fiction, to use a thought or quote from a book I read. Ideas and concepts from previously read books add to the charm of the non-fiction passages we write. However, what would I quote here, in this context? Where could I bring the best analogy from? The only names that come to my mind are totalitarianism and despotism, and no books.  

Indecent behavior in the name of love and Valentine’s Day seems to be growing in the country. With which standard shall we define the indecency is another question. Kissing in public is indecent in India. In the grand Indian traditional style, one would not even see the face of the groom before wedding. Within the premises of these grotesque cultural paradigms, a judgment of morality becomes impossible. Religious extremists bring the fallacy of appeal to morality. However, considering the paradoxes of caste and religious bigotry that exists, at the same time, within the fabric of Indian society, moral policing is meaningless.

Perhaps, some of the extremists might have misunderstood the “V-Day” acronym to be Vagina Day, since Vagina is one of the significant causes of moral denigration in most of the movies and television serials made here. Although there may be those with a certain economic theory who argue that Valentine’s Day is all about commerce and dirty profit making, under circumstances described in paragraph one of this article, how could someone deny that the simple act that love itself has turned into revolution.

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Analyze this issue closely and it will not be missed by anyone. It’s clearly happening. By pressing the public with directives regarding what to do, and how not to express love on a so-called ‘day of love’ the people concerned have opened the arena for the presumption that love has already become a revolution.

I would like to draw your attention towards the Kiss of Love campaign that started in Kochi a few months before. It was in November and in protest against the moral policing by some extremist organizations. The result was curious, and improbable in a society that identifies itself ‘democratic’. As a measure to prevent a riot, the police arrested the protestors during the Kiss of Love campaign; this happened not just in Kochi, but also wherever they conducted their campaign afterwards. The extremist groups created mayhem quite successfully, without any apparent interruption from Repressive State Apparatus, throughout the venues, wherever solidarity was expressed.

I would like to express my relief in finding a book reference, eventually on this issue. At least, I am glad that I could find a parallel about this later issue of how state represses the independent and just expression of subjectivity. Think about Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel, Brave New World. It’s characters live in a regime where human beings are given definitive subconscious-level training in what to think and what to be while alive. This is done through a series of audio exposures that are given to the individuals from an embryonic level itself. The point to be noticed is that these embryo’s do not grow in a woman’s womb, instead they are grown in a laboratory.

Image Courtesy: sheknows.com
The cultural laboratory is an apt parallel to Brave New World’s human factories. Although in the novel, human beings are manufactured in flesh and blood, the culture factory we live in creates our personalities and psychological affiliations. These psychological affiliation cause us to undergo similar behaviors as that is seen in Kochi on the day of Kiss of Love campaign. For those who had grown up thinking any expression of love between man and woman in public is a cause for moral degradation, it is indeed a problem; not of the man and woman kissing or holding hands, but of the man who has a problem accepting two individuals giving each other company.

Moral decency begins at a psychological level. It has deeper psychological and intellectual roots. Eliminating morality from the equation might bring a serious threat to any civilized social order. However, defining morality on narrow principles of sex or social expression of love, while undermining humanity itself, is a greater mistake still.

One of these mistakes will be committed tomorrow as lovers would embrace their beloved ones and drink the eternal honey of love from the eyes of the beloved. Those who oppose Valentine’s Day, normally, argue that love is not time bound or tethered to a particular day alone; that argue that ever day one can share and express love, why then celebrate a special day as Valentine’s Day for lovers? It is, indeed, a very significant argument. But the significance is not on why we celebrate only this day. The important part of the question is why are we missing the possibility of making our beloved one feel special on a specific day?

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You special someone might be a man or a woman. Your way of identifying and expressing that specialty determines the existence of the evidence that you possess true space for the other person in your creative imagination. Whatever your prompts for expressing that delicate feeling of love could be, for example, it could be just because it’s a Valentine’s Day, you need not spare a single chance to make her or him happy.

Valentine's Day is not about money either. It is all about the worth of the moments you spend with your beloved one. You may or may not want to buy a costly gift for the other person. But when you want to buy a cute present, you better be able to find a store. That is the only place where commercialization comes in. there are people who argue books are commercial products. Perhaps, they are, but what matters is the matter within the book. If you wish to gift your partner a beautiful book, and if you got this idea by watching a movie, technically you are committing the error of submitting yourself to the forced in the market. But the joy you know would bloom on your beloved one’s face has no parallels, no replacements, and no theory on globalization could fathom. This, essentially falls under the category of feeling that humans call love.

4Love is always patient;
love is always kind;
love is never envious
or arrogant with pride.
Nor is she conceited,
5and she is never rude;
she never thinks just of herself
or ever gets annoyed.
She never is resentful;
6is never glad with sin;
she’s always glad to side with truth,
and pleased that truth will win.
7She bears up under everything;
believes the best in all;
there is no limit to her hope,
and never will she fall.”

Says Paul, the Apostle in 1 Corinthians 13 of The Bible. As human beings, we understand that love cannot be defined. At least, we romanticize this concept in our literatures. However, we always define love, evidently. By doing so, we try to comprehend the incomprehensible Divine Source from which all love originates. It is this same Divine Source that gives love outward infinitely and unconditionally. While in love, we represent a candle, aflame with the spirit of the Divine Source of unconditional and ultimate love, God. This involves loving a parent or even your cat.
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The question, most of those who eagerly wait Valentine’s Day, might ask in India is; when does one form of love become a crime? When you kiss, hold hands, or…?

It is difficult to talk sense into haters. In this epic battle of love Vs hate, I encourage you to stand by love. Hate never drags victory home. It is the rule of nature that Mother Nature herself will quell disruptions. She cannot accept disharmony. Love is harmony and the true essence of human existence. However, because love is God’s nature too, as carriers of this God element, that is love, we must realize that only hate can accept violence and fight. Love never fights and promotes violence. Therefore, to “use” love to prove someone wrong or to fight for justice seems rather a misuse of this fragment of Divinity, love, that we all come to possess. Lovers can’t really hate haters. Only haters have that advantage. Lovers can, on the other hand, do something no hater in the world could ever achieve. Lovers can love their haters.

Valentine’s Day could be just an excuse to say what you have always kept as a secret or inexplicable emotional reality in your mind. It will greatly improve your relationship, if you take it that way. Valentine’s Day need not be an occasion to exhibit something you feel you are justified to. Give a gift, share a meal together, tell the secret that you love that person, smile, sing, dance, hope, and above all, love.

Eventually, the lessons daunts on me, why so many people prefer using V-Day instead of Valentine’s Day. After typing all these pages, exhaustion gets the best of me. It fills me with understanding.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DELHI ELECTIONS, 2015: Desi Magna Carta

I am about to do something I haven’t done in years; a political commentary.

It is true that I started out my blog with an observe-and-comment strategy with political affairs. The reason behind that move wasn’t as much of social commitment as it was the urge to keep on writing. When I chose the defining strategy of my blog, The Indian Commentator as ‘observe and comment’, I had in my mind a firm idea that I will never lack topics to write about. Later in my career as a blogger, I realized that things weren’t as I expected them to be.

I never found the stream of ideas empty regarding the publication of The Indian Commentator. However, I did find it difficult to use my observe-and-comment strategy frequently. This strategy forced me, occasionally to reveal the political ideology I am inclined to. In truth, I am not inclined toward any political idea or ideology. I do not have participation in any political party, until this moment. In future too, I wish myself to be kept away from the curved tracks of party politics.  

My blog, The Indian Commentator, moved into short fiction and then poetry. An expansion of themes followed and I ventured into many other areas like psychology and film criticism. My recent attempt is to bring the phenomenon commonly referred to as the UFO phenomenon in front of my readers. A certain category of my readers might not have familiarized themselves with UFOs and related news that have been circling the internet and other media for many years. So I intended them to be aware and careful about these happenings. This was the main reason for the change in the matters of discussion.

Finally, today, I have decided that I would take a journey backward, in a gesture of looking back and learning the lessons from past. Today, on 10 February 2015, India’s national capital exhibited what could be called a synchronistic political event. This made me comment to one of my colleagues at the day job I have, that the people of Delhi have in their minds, still, this man and his ideals. I am speaking about today’s breaking story in India’s political scene, Arvind Kejriwal’s victory over BJP and Congress, two leading parties in India.

Although I started blogging with the strategy of observe-and-comment as my prime resource, I slowly and deliberately kept myself away from commenting upon political issues. Through my blog, I never revealed my affiliation with any specific political party. I haven’t also attempted to talk in favor or denial of any of their leaders.

Writing continuously about political issues seemed to me a denial of a serious nature to my readers. When I attempt to observe and comment on any event with a political bend, I realized that I also tend to reduce the event I talk about into an event with a mere political value. Although those of you who are genuinely interested in the subject of politics might disagree with me, I would like to agree to disagree.

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The increasingly reductionist version of Indian politics has caught me short of experiencing my real essence. Who I really am seemed to be beyond any political idea. I am that I am. I needed a higher perspective to observe and comment upon any issue that might come across my mind’s eye. This may or may not have a political nature and their values and lessons may vary. Even political events have a spiritual edge to them. This was the main reason I chose to add a new tag in my blog. I called this new tag ‘Mind’, which I decided, must include articles and observations on human psyche and extrapsychic phenomenon, including spiritual consciousness. If you’d notice, this article would be featured under the tag, ‘Mind’ due to its strong suggestions towards the psychological references a writer makes when writing about an event of political nature.

Today, on 10th of February, I felt I must look at the political scene that has so convincingly unfolded in front of our eyes. Delhi’s people have decided that Arvind Kejriwal, this former civil servant who was the 7th Chief Minister of Delhi from 28 December 2013 to 14 February 2014, must once again be their Chief Minister. In the term he served before, that is, from 28 December 2013 to 14 February 2014, his first term as CM, Kejriwal decided to slice the chords of power off on the wake of his self-proclaimed inefficiency to uproot corruption.

Many political pundits have commented that this was a Himalayan mistake as Kejriwal had betrayed the people who voted for him and caused the state a heavy financial loss by forcing another election upon it.

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The reason Kejriwal raised to justify his resignation from power in his first term was that he could not pass the Jan Lokpal Bill, with the current strength of his party. Through Jan Lokpal Bill, as many say, corruption in the country could be eliminated and justice can be assured to its people.

Kejriwals’ name was first heard in association with Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal movement. Later, the two accepted their separated political stands and this lead to the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party in 2012. That was the ‘end of the world’ for the Congress Party that ruled Delhi.

In 2014, political pundits were after finding out if Kejriwal’s resignation could help AAP to attract more public-support. Personally, I never believed in this theory. I had thought that most probably, AAP and the Congress Party would lose, and the mighty Modi-mania would take the throne of Delhi, proving one final time the credibility of BJP to be the one dominating political power. On the contrary, something else was in store for Delhi. The people, the aam aadmi had their own verdict, their own decisions, and ideas about who must rule them.

Image Courtesy: Zee news
Perhaps, the recent religious onslaughts might have resulted in this giant victory for AAP. The people of Delhi might have found in Kejriwal what the people of Britain had found in Robert FitzWalter for being the defender of rights they believed they possessed by virtue of their human birth.

Although Christians are a minority in India, Delhi elections 2015 has had the community’s certain impact due to the atrocities committed on Christians throughout Delhi in recent months. Hindu extremists groups who would not be named in police records burned down many churches and many were ravished. A naked exhibition of cruelty and intolerance did not raise many eyebrows, as the ruling party was busy converting individuals from other religious groups into their stream of faith. In this shameless battle of faiths, trust was vanquished into a deep and dark forest of hatred.

After the visit of the president of the United States, during the Republic Day celebrations, a growing discontent on matters of religious intolerance was made into the forefront of mainstream media discussions. Thanks to Mr. Obama who referred to India’s religious diversity and also the present day threats it faces. Modi government has still not been able to win the trust of its people on matters of religious tolerance. The arson on churches in Delhi is just one among many issues that disturb a peaceful coexistence among religions, without fear, difficult.

Image Courtesy: www.pardaphash.com
Kejriwal’s victory is a Magna Carta of hopes that the people in Delhi have implanted in the machinery of their governing system. This new sprout of hope must be able to quench the thirst of justice on all issues concerning human dignity and security. The name “Aam Aadmi” refers to “common people”. Although at first sight this may bring to our consciousness the sociality ideal of proletariat, this theme should be understood closely within the Indian socio-cultural context. Most leaders of the AAP are not the so-called common people. There are rich businesspersons, writers, and activists. Here too, a socialist paradox settles down. Who is a common person or proletariat? The one who lives one’s life denying all sorts of wealthy comforts or the one who in his mind believes in lessons that can be learnt from living a life submitted to humble whereabouts?

The answer might have a demanding impact upon Delhi’s future. Let’s wait and observe.       

Saturday, February 7, 2015

NATIONAL GAMES, INDIA 2015: Spiritual Signs They All Missed

I feel talking about a clumsy affair, a delicate event gone terribly wrong. This, perhaps, is what we can say for sure about National Games 2015. Many leftist and Hindu Right wing newspapers as well as channels have already come forward with cases against the sports minister of Kerala. Which newspaper you read is a big problem. The selection of newspaper will decide your point of view. However, from what I understand, every newspaper is printing the stories with the same ugly truths. It feels like reading novels by different authors, but all with same characters and stories.

It wasn’t a surprise that in 2015, National Games, the Olympics of India, the largest democracy in the world, would be held in Kerala. Thirty years back, in 1984 Kerala hosted National Games, and this year we celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of that event. The arrival of the Games back in Kerala was after a long time of waiting. No one cared much about thinking why have we not been able to host the event before the thirtieth anniversary. Some say, it is the direct result of the Northern-lobby’s political intervention.
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The undeniable factor is that the 2015 version of National Games is a well deserving opportunity to the southern state. Kerala’s total land area is just 1.18 percent India’s total area. Still, this small state is capable of delivering its best to promote sporting events such as the National Games. The 35th National Games, Kerala, however has already become a nightmare for those in the authority.

Somehow, a deserving condition was turned around into a pain of moral disintegration and corruption. Interestingly, it is not the leftists or the extreme right wing people that the governing right party fears under the present turn of events. Ever since the inauguration of the event on 31 January 2015, the same people who are part of the governing system are under question and threat of being exposed for corruption. None of the corruption charges has been proven yet. This does not change the attitude of the opposition, though. Sometimes, it is strange how we are attuned to only negative results.

What was missing from the recipe for success that the Keralites had planned for their chance of conducting National Games? Perhaps, what we, in Kerala lacked is what every man on earth misses out on, occasionally. As always, I would like to invite your attention towards a spiritual side of the current issue, I mean the National Games and how it was organized. Between every plan and its apt execution, a very important stage passes that we did not consider this time.
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This stage can be called the Stage of Sustenance.

While the excitement for the arrival of the ‘Indian Olympics’ was justified, dwelling too much time on that issue, caused us damage, not just in the organization of the event, but also in matters of self-respect. Surely, when a large program is conducted, it is important to receive applause and support, just to make sure our spirit stays high and motivated. However, the corruption charges upon the government and the bureaucracy surely trimmed our rising self-confidence.

The Stage of Sustenance is needed to keep the contact with the spirit, that is clearly felt at the beginning, active. By simply staying in spirit, one can overcome any obstacle, says Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my spiritual gurus. In fact, the word inspiration means being in spirit. Religion gives us ample direction toward identifying the presence of this spirit in the lives of individuals as well as communities. Stage of Sustenance is not just a plan of action for a group of people, but it can equally benefit every single individual.

How can a group undergo Stage of Sustenance?

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Sustaining the spirit of the event is crucial, throughout the entire period for which the program is organized. How can a group be so motivated and focused when the participants of the group activity belong to several different backgrounds, socially and culturally. Given the cultural diversity of India, the eclectic nature of group work makes it a tough challenge to keep the members motivated. However, there are strategies that can be of great importance in keeping the connection with the spirit active, or simply to keep inspired.

These strategies are simple and extremely valuable, since we are already a generation of ‘group laborers’. From schools to multinational corporations, teamwork or group-work has been the golden rule of material success. I do not deny the importance of material success and therefore the importance of group work. From time to time, it is necessary to light some candles to make our ways clearer and to remind ourselves that we are one with the spirit of the project.
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The simplest strategy for Staging Sustenance of spirit is to use stickers and wallpapers with the core message of the project printed on it. These will function as signboards for the members of the team to recover their lost direction. After some time, though, familiarity sets in and some members might lose sight of what is well in front of them. This can be averted by changing the wordings on the signboards and wallpapers.

Group emails and using the social media are other advantageous propositions that can be utilized to make this a reality. In other words, the stage if sustenance is not a fantasy or a word game.

Assemblies are another irreplaceable stratagem for maintain a successful Stage of Sustenance. By conducting group-exercises and assemblies, we could provide an opportunity for the team-leaders to motivate and spread the message of the project into individual members.

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A primary school sits adjacent to the community college I work at. Every morning, as I walk by the school, since I occasionally take a route to the college that leads through the front courtyard of the school, I witness an assembly, in which little boys and girls stand in attention and listen to their headmaster. There is prayer, there is some food for thought, and the whole gathering disperses in silence after a few minutes.

It is refreshing to see those young boys and girls in unison stepping slowly up on the ladder of their life, each day at a time. Soon, they too will start dreaming success and journeys beyond the world of their homes. What I find there in the open ground in front the primary school is the necessity to listen to leaders or headmasters when we work in teams. I have been taught this invaluable lesson through that relatively minor event at the school, every day, day after day.

What does this message mean to National Games 2015 and those who are associated with it?

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Staying in spirit, and standing upright through the pressures of the much awaited event requires enormous strength and integrity. It would go easier of individual members of the group that worked hard to make National Games a reality in Kerala, if they had a leader to motivate them, each day just like that headmaster at the open ground in front the primary school. I am saddened to see that the motivating capacity of our leaders has remained close to nothing.

There was a time when people were ready to die for protecting our land from invaders. Right now, we live through a time when the same people are themselves invaders in their own homes.

The complete answer to the question you read above, in bold letters, is not here. You may still have found a few nuggets. We haven’t asked the serious question yet, though. The real question is not what we could do for National Games. The question of real importance is; how can the individual remain true to one’s spirit?

Let’s find an answer together.