Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Valorous

Blessed Himalay wailed in woe,
For his pals fell down by foe!
In the city of fortune, when,
In terror, shaken, was nation.
Soldiers they neither went back,
Nor they cried. But raised the croak,
Of those castrated raw beings,
For their country and fellow beings.
Each one was a league in self,
Enough to seize one thousand’s half!
Though fell but yet proud is land,
On their valour and might hard.
Blessed Himalay will smile soon,
Indians come in one platoon,
We will blot off those dark marks,
On our pride, in bravest ways!
There is still left, brave, un-count.
In this land of treasure unbound.
Dare, don’t evil raise your eye,
You will taste pains and will die!

The Indian Commentator salutes those brave Indian Soldiers, the brave sons of the nation, who fought bravely and lost their lives in the battle against terrorism.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Senior's Plight!

Senior citizens have the right for a seat reserved in both private owned and state owned transport buses, of Kerala, India. If there is an international reader, reading this post, sorry, for the regional partiality that the author is showing.

This is my duty. I am delivering my duty towards the society which bread and fostered me, from my childhood, though the care was through negligence! When a person grows old, he or she should be provided with enough comforts by the younger generation. This is what absent here.

I invite your attention to the private buses. In many of the private buses, running through the phenomenal roads of Kerala, they are cunningly concealing the “senior citizen” mark, above the reserved seats for the old people. In some buses stickers are also used to obliterate the writing-“senior citizen”!

If the senior citizen is getting in a bus, it is with the kindness of some school or college students- probably school students-which the old person can procure their “concession”!

Where is the Human Rights Commission? Where is the UNO? Where is the American V.S--Obama?
My mind is screaming. Dear friend, I have found one of my hairs, white in a nightmare!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What a hell!


I have just returned to my room after watching the seven o’clock news. It took a little time to register into my mind where I am. I have seen a visual during the news which petrified me completely.

That visual was of an incident, occurred in a college in Tamil Nadu. I forgot the name of the college, because my senses were all numbed when I saw what that was. A student was being beaten like a snake or a mad dog! A crowd was gathered outside the gate of the college. Police men were also there in the crowd. The police only showed their indifference, when a number of students were beating a single student with huge sticks in their hands!

What happened to the Tamils? The land where art is worshipped as sculptures and shrines, the place which is known for its love and brotherhood, how, into such a disgrace, fell?

Oh, I have to show a little restraint! What happened was, an out cry for the oppressed human rights! I haven't forgotten where I am living. I am a Malayalee and that itself is the disqualification for writing such an article. Because the whole of this so-called “God’s own country” is wearied of peace and harmony. From student’s strikes to hartals, every protest, some how, ends up in violence!

I think, in this way, we are proving what the western people once said about Orientals-“A group of people who are still lagging behind in human evolution.”

Let me remind you that violence is the most uncivilized way for expressing your protest. Animals resort to violence when they feel unsecured or agitated. You might have seen new born babes, crying for milk why do they cry and scream? Because they don’t know how to ask!

Think. We know many ways to communicate our thoughts and needs. whether violence or peace, the choice is ours. But remember – the feelings of loss, pain, and agony still persist in this world. Tears still roll down from the eyes. Still mothers love their children, and still we are being called humans!!!

Let the Indian Commentator remind you this…..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Poem on Asin

Today I have decided to comment on, none other than the gorgeous, ever charming-Asin. The south Indian actress, who is preparing for a debut in Hindi through Aamir Khan starred GHAJINI. Here we go….
Image Courtesy: Google
Let me tell you in my words, 
How deep you are in me veins…
I first saw you in a place,
Called dream merchant’s gleam palace!
You, just like a fairy, came.
Conquered all those untamed hearts.
Like a star in darkest night,
You came to my life’s long plight,
For making it heavenly delight,
For showing an unknown light!
I have touched and seen roses.
But those like your juicy lips,
I have neither seen nor touched.
Thus you made me your bewitched.
Your tresses are darker than,
Darkest nights, I can’t explain.
Nose, yours is one sculpture, fine.
Kissing it, I’m on cloud nine!
Eyes are emeralds, teeth are pearls.
White like marble, are your legs.
Zephyr each day kisses your flanks.
Butterflies haunt for your hands.
Breasts are charming lotus buds.
O, please hear me at least once,
Let me tell you in my words,

How deep you are in my veins….

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


MBA, Managing Bundle of Ambitions”, is a course which offers those changes in people, which makes them acceptable to all..

I like MBA students the most. Not just because they are good looking, but also because they have a very sophisticated way of interacting with their out side, which is the characteristic of a highly evolved human civilization. They also have a highly focused out look about life.

In my opinion every individual should be given a course in human relations (HR) and Organizational Behaviour, in their high school classes. I am hopeful about the youth of this country. That means country men will become "gentle men"! A way of sustaining, the perpetual ‘Order’, of the social system! If every body becomes gentle men , the system will run smoothly!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

India My Country

It's a hard time for India and its people.I am talking about terrorism.Oh, the menace took so many lives, our brethren and sisters......Through this post I pray for all those souls that are forced to lose their existence in this world, sinless, innocent........Unaware of what is happening....!!