Friday, October 17, 2008


(The Regional Experience of a General Hazard)
In India, Kerala (state), Kannur (district), mornings, especially, working day mornings remind me one thing-only one thing----the bus –the crowd- the crush!
To catch up with the class time I strove. Others who travelled for their similar causes and for many other causes, struggled with their revived morning muscle power to get hold of a foot of standing place and one palm hold on the iron bar on the top in the bus. I could feel only one thing out of that conundrum---- the crush!!
My legs, ah! I had cleaned them with a lot of care, but now looked really dirty, after the “battle”. And the pain! Unbearable!!
After the classes when I returned I have in waiting, the same –---bus- the crowd-and the unbearable crush!!! This time it was with a little bit ease. A little bit bearable was the crush and fight. The whole day of hard work might have degenerated the powerful muscles and energetic bodies. Every one seemed to be sick with exhaustion. But still the hard heeled shoes crushed my toes and feet, and the pain was unbearable.
These were the problems with my foot. Next, the problem was with my torso. It was in a steady sway. From left to right and vice versa, it swayed. My backbone realised the shape of a bow.
I think if this situation continued, I would become a gymnastics champion, with the most flexible body (with crushed feet). To realise this dream, I prayed for the long life of the chair of our transport minister, with whose reverend ignorance, our roads are in a perfect condition for mountain trekking!!!
Every evening, tired from the inexorable journey, I massaged my legs and body. I wondered on the number of people adding up themselves to the crowd, every day, increasing the congestion. It is harrowing. Have these Indians no other job, other than INCREASING POPULATION?????

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Truth is a way
On which you can reach
To certain conclusions,
Which can be called “realities”.
The things, events, persons,
And all we see around are
Not always realities but
“Dilutions”. This is a term,
Misinterpreted as “illusions”.
The way in which the world
See things may not be real,
But wrong.
‘Truth is a way, I again say.
One cannot find it unless,
He has –a free mind and good wit,
And has distances with,

Eye covering trivialities.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Paulo Coelho and Me.

Hi readers,
Here are the two letters which the world renowned Brazilian author Paulo Coelho sent me.
By publishing them I want to share the excitement which I have felt when I received these precious tokens of friendship.....
Dear Anulal,
Thank you for your kind words. The messages from my readers are always a joy to read and respond to.The road to wisdom is to have no fear of making mistakes.
Paulo Coelho

Dear Anulal,
I can't thank you enough for your kindness in remembering my birthday.As Warriors of the Light, we shall continue in pursue of our dreams.
Much Love
Paulo Coelho

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"SWADES"-An Inspiring movie

Shahrukh Khan starrer, “Swades”, directed by Ashutosh Govarikar, felt an interesting movie.
A NASA based scientist searches his roots through Kaveri Amma, a distant relative who looked after him in his childhood. He finds her in a rural and obscure village. There he comes across contingencies, which need his indulgence. He solves their problem of electricity at the end of the film. The search of the protagonist for Kaveri Amma, can be seen symbolically as the search for the motherland itself.
Though he solves one problem in an easy way, many problems remain untouched, which are rather important and soul pricking than the solved one. But the arrival of electricity can be symbolically treated as the arrival of knowledge and a new revolution. Thus an easy solution can be drawn out for the unspoken matters.
In some scenes, the director is able to slap the viewer through some concept breaking dialogues like some on India’s tradition and culture-“Bharat duniya ka sabse mahan desh hai”(India is the greatest nation on earth). The protagonist cracks this cliché on the occasion of a dispute on cast issues, meaning that India is greatest only in discriminations based on cast-system. Thus unlike the old “Bharat Kumar” movies, Swades gives a more realistic picture of contemporary India and the so-called Indian ness.
In the present global socio economic vista, certain regions in India are developing, but certain other regions still remain in the darkness of illiteracy and unemployment.
Swades” is not a great masala movie for a typical bollywood film lover but a person who is interested in the art of filmmaking or in the social commitment of different artistic forms, can derive a great pleasure from watching the movie. For the film has got something in it which they can cherish of. That is from women empowerment to the solution of power crisis…

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ways to Think

we think a lot. Some serious and some silly things always wander in our thoughts. But have we ever taken the process of thinking, seriously? For some, the answer would be yes, but for the majority, the answer would be no.
Our thinking is greatly influenced by our surroundings. Every thing that our senses perceive and even some other things, which we feel, out of our senses, provoke thought. By mentioning some influences out of our senses, I meant The Supernatural!
The way in which we think is highly influenced by the society. It is the society through its norms and laws, which decides, in what way we have to perceive things and to construct our thoughts.
This is done simply for maintaining the order, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the society.
If we change the way in which we think,in the wildest way, we will definitely be the outcasts, from the society.
So it is we who have to decide whether we need the society or new ways of thinking.

Love and Infatuation

People who love, fears infatuations as a sinfull practise towards their lovers. But infatuation is something wonderful and adds spice to life. It is an adventure without which life will seem to be boaring. It is not a sin to feel infatuated towards a girl or woman, even after your marriage.