Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Writing mentality is a state of mind as well as a state of being.

State of mind can be reached by taking the route to reach the state of being.

Physically and psychologically, one writes. Both physical and psychological energies wane on long hours of work.

Sometimes, writing is easy. Writing is hard on other times. One must understand when it goes through rough days. The smooth days must also be learnt. This will be helpful in the future. This means, you are going to do the same process in the future, no matter what. This is what makes a writer.

The tendency to repeat the processes of writing to say the unsaid marks the genesis of a writer.

Repetition is part of the process. Saying is part of the process too.

Outward expressions of inner realities depend on the writer’s act. The act of penning words does not alone contribute to writing. Writing involves love. Writing involves passion too.

Passion is not just the love for new events. Repetitions must be loved with equal passion. This is why I put love first. With love passion wouldn’t stray into meaningless fanaticism. Deeper love invokes deeper meaning. If someone lacks meaning in life, someone lacks love.

Most of you haven’t noticed me on my blog for a while. I am certain of that. This is the reality of writing in the internet era. A lot is going on. And we miss nothing.

There must be some who discovered my absence from The Indian Commentator. Thank you for noticing. You represent the minority of humanist generation that existed in this planet before the internet era dawned.

During that era, everyone had time. People then, were sad for one thing or another. They had reasons to be happy too. Their happiness had more meaning because their sadness was bitterer.

The reason for my absence from The Indian Commentator for the past one month is a love story. The internet era has its magical moments too. In fact, there is more magic and possibilities that it was before. I was working on an anthology named Better than All Happy Ever Afters. It’s an anthology on Valentine’s Day. This was the love story I mentioned. Ironically, my latest short story appears in this volume too. It’s a love story titled “Doomsday”.

Better than All Happy Ever Afters is an anthology that features love messages, poems and short stories. The book has a subtitle: An Anthology of Valentine’s Day Wishes. This subtitle clarifies the purpose of the book.

Valentine’s Day wishes appear in newspaper supplements and social media. We also text and email each other. Did you ever think the artistic side of those messages? These wishes that we sent out to our beloved ones are literature too. We tried to explore it in Better than All Happy Ever Afters.
We took almost 24 days from the genesis of the idea to its completion. The idea came to my mind on the 29th of December 2015. When I discussed it with my publishing team, they became very excited. But we still didn’t know if we’d get enough content, that is messages for Valentine’s Day. We advertised our project through our newly built webpage: http://bwbooksonline.weebly.com/.

We also used Facebook to advertise the submission to our anthology. We received a decent number of submissions. They went into the anthology. We included two short stories as a company to the submissions we received.

Better than All Happy Ever Afters is full of surprises to the reader. Take a glimpse of the extravaganza in the link I provided above. In order to fully utilize the services we offer through this anthology you may want to order the book right now. The purpose of the book is to surprise you and your beloved one on this Valentine’s Day. This is also a book of art. You will also enjoy it as a coffee table book. But if you have a special surprise gift in your mind, I strongly recommend you to order it while you still have three weeks ahead of Valentine’s Day. That will manage to get you the book in time.

Print-on-Demand books often take two to three days to be printed. They are not bulk printed. So if you order it today, may be, by Friday, your order will be shipped to your address. Failing to order faster might cost you a lot of time. Delay in the printing process would naturally hinter the shipping process.

The team that worked behind the book along with me, Team BW Books also thinks the same of the ordering process.

As an author, Better than All Happy Ever Afters was undeniably a learning experience for me. I worked with a bunch of very talented authors. Before December 29th there was no such book. The moment I had the idea, a thought that it would be exciting to do this project, I was clear that this project would take my life as a writer to another level. I felt incomparable enthusiasm inside of me at that moment. That was enough.

I had felt the same exhilarating spiritual state during the other-worldly moment when I had first had the idea for Prabuddha: The Clear-sighted. Today, Prabuddha is one of my most popular and top-selling books. I am certain that it will reach further heights in the years to come. Currently, I am working on the first anniversary edition of this magnificent creation that taught me the game of “clear-sightedness”.  

I am not entirely certain if enthusiasm is an emotional state or if it’s spiritual. The exhilarating inner state that I felt during the moment of conception of Prabuddha and Better than All Happy Ever Afters preceded significant learning experiences. This indicates the spiritual nature of the enthusiasm I talk about. Certainly, it’s connected with what I love. The courage to transform the love I feel into a book comes from passion.

I thank you all for supporting my endeavors. I am passionate about what I do. My love for literature helps me continue with that passion unfailingly.

For new writers, I’d say, spend a lot of time reading books. Reading is a sign of passion and love. Don’t just read books. Don’t make that mistake. Read also, what’s there in the eyes of your beloved.