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3 Movies on Writers that Impressed Me

For the next three days, I will be reviewing three of the most impressive movies I watched, 3 Movies on Writers that Impressed Me. The categorization, however, is based on the subject matter—writers. Being a professional in this area, the subject is of undeniable interest to me. I can connect deep skin with the characters and their feelings when someone says, “I sold my first story, today!”
The third movie I would talk about is not based on true events, unlike the other two movies. One of the movies, I reviewed had already appeared in TIC Saturday Flicks. This is the second movie in the “3 Movies on Writers that Impressed Me.”
The criteria for selecting each of these movies are kept as simpler as possible: personal taste. How else can one demonstrate those matters that defy all possible rational explanations and are reluctant to fall into the territory of the supernatural, at the same time? I still do not know, what instilled in me the feeling of joy and comprehensive aesthetic sensati…