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Apple of Someone Else’s Eyes

To you, the sign that I exist.
“Hear me out. Listen to me.” At first, I could not make out where the question was coming from. I looked around, saw the man sitting next to me, a fat gentle man in a blue shirt and white dhoti; then the young man leaning against the iron bar close to my seat; I saw the back of heads of the people sitting in the front seats; I also saw the many people crowding in a line in the aisle inside the bus.
“You can’t see me?” The voice came back. I was pulled into a pool of curiosity that never before enveloped me during the afternoon hours. The next move I planned was to seek help from my nearby passenger.
“Don’t even think about that.” The voice said. It warned me, in fact. I did not know what the repercussions would be, if I went against the instruction. This was the third sentence it spoke to me. OK, I agree, it’s my intuition that it’s an ‘it’.
I tried to focus. I could only see the seat in front of me. “Look here; open those eyes of yours, which are so accu…