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The Credo of Laziness

Instead of accepting an invitation to attend a nuptial ceremony of a friend or neighbor, if I prefer to spend my time with a book, curled up in my chair, I would be named lazy. If I actually were lazy, would I be reading a book—one whole day?
This discourse keeps coming up, throughout the stages of growth, first as a feeling of guilt and then a rebellion. As a very young boy, I could not entirely comprehend the politics of laziness, especially its unfavorable status in the society. I never was lazy, so to speak, within the strict definition of the word. However, the people around me saw only one side of the personality and blamed it lazy. This passed onto me the guilt of never being the right one. Human personality is relative as well as a constantly fluctuating response pattern under the variable circumstances an individual moves around.
Most often, this multidimensional personality is compromised under the influences of a domineering cultural code. Those less active and individuals wi…