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The God Space

As Cyclone Phailin weakens in its murderous parade, leaving behind a trail of destruction and loss, let us thank the benevolent forces in nature, seen and unseen, manifestations of the highest beings, for sparing the rest of us, safe and unaffected. Let us also pray that those who lost their beloved ones and those who lost their properties, of this world, may find peace of mind. May they all receive blessings in immense quantities, and may by this storm, like the wise ones say, doors of new possibilities and chances open.
I remember reading in Daniel Defoe, with every storm we are given the possibility of tearing down the walls of our imprisonment. I am aware that you, right now, are looking for the cause, the Cosmic Person to be addressed. However, I am postponing the occasion of a direct address of that entity, due to the fear that if I mentioned anything close to even the existence of that ‘almighty’, someone would call it irrational, prehistoric mumbo-jumbo, or naivety in the face…