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What Do We Mean by Ending?

I wrote this, back a few days, inside the computer lab, amidst the hustle bustle of a crowded college. That’s my work place I just referred to, by the way. I planned to write something on the concept of “ending.” This thought was actually a way to distract my mind from the very real fear of death and endings of good things. What I actually wanted say was that the new series of i-poems, titled “Grace” is ended. However, the sense of ending got the best of me. I was not comfortable talking about it that way. It was an odd familiarity that I associated with heartaches, sorrow, and helpless loneliness. Then I realized, after four days of writing the piece below, the sense of pain, sorrow, and loneliness is not unique or personal to me. Many of us feel the same way towards death and endings, and consider it wise to hide this topic under the cupboards, or in the dark corners of our ever-vigilant minds. We are wise, aren’t we?
They say everything that has a beginning, has a pact to sign off,…