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“I know a noble heart that beats
   For one it loves how "wildly well!"
I only know for whom it beats;
   But I must never tell!
     Never tell!
Hush! hark! how Echo soft repeats,--
     Ah! never tell!”
—Frances Sargent Osgood (First published in the Broadway Journal on September 6, 1845) Imagine being the moon, of being able to move away nowhere, turning away from the earth to turn back and to see the same blueness; of the nature of wandering that enables it to come back and face the same side. In writing i-poems, I feel the same, and it’s a feeling close to wonder. I come back, and face the same angel of poetry waiting for me, with unremitted passion. I am not distressed at this glorious routine, of returning at the same spot. Like a river, each time I come back to poems, they reveal something new. No one, steps into the same river twice, I remember reading somewhere.
Grace is the manifestation of the divine upon the earth. I only reflect what I see upon her face, upon the s…