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The Way Back: A Film Review

Policeman: “Welcome to India. Paper-passport please.” Janusz, (smiling), “We don’t have any.”
Adolf Hitler sent his prisoners to concentration camps, while his Russian counterpart Joseph Stalin sent away the ‘enemies of his state’ to Siberia to rot and die. ‘The Way Back’ is a drama about how a group of prisoners escaped from a Siberian Gulag camp. Most of them were arrested and sent away for charges that have nothing to do with what they did in person to the state, but what the state thought about these people. Some of them were arrested for just taking photographs of the Leningrad, accused as spies.
Janusz reaches the camp for charges of espionage. Through his life, the story develops and many other characters come across, all in need of hope and liberation. How Janusz offers the inmates the hope of freedom may remind us of Moses and his legendary march out of Egypt with Israelites. Although he gets the idea of escaping from the camp from another inmate, he realizes that no one else c…