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Buddha Strikes

InLand of the Seven Rivers, a book on the history of India’s geography by Sanjeev Sanyal, we see a culture valorized for its roots in the rich Buddhist past, peace loving merchants and a civilization that cherishes its universities and places of learning more than palaces and emperors, and of course wars.
Two life-changing events in the history of India are related directly to the destruction of two major universities—Nalanda in the south and Taxila in the north. The progressive flow of culture and all variety of elements related to this ceased to exist in this nation, afterwards. This is direct proof suggesting the significance people of this nation once attributed to universities, peace, and beauty.
A few months ago, in New Delhi, the capital of India, often dubbed as the heart of India, by virtue of its geographical location, an innocent girl was brutally raped in a running bus, at night. Her friend was thrown out of the bus, while the act was going on. Later, the five men including…