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Thus, He Kills His Mother

Recommended for people above 18
22 August 2000
Salode, Cannanore District. He slowly took the hammer in his right hand. His left hand had the pen, a Hero, black ink fountain pen. Blood dripped from the hammerhead upon the pale tiles on the floor, creating various shapes, like stars, creatures with horns and tales, and occasionally flowers out in the vast paleness of vacuum. He came inside the room and sat in front of his desk. The paper in front of him was titled “Page; 108. D”
Raman Pillai heard a knock on the front door, after ten hours. He could very well recognize the neighbor woman’s voice. “She did not come out when I called her for the association meeting this evening. I thought of going round the house and looking inside, thinking she might be busy doing something. That’s when I saw it.”
A stranger’s voice said, “Let’s break the door. Is the psychopath inside?” His voice echoed inside the house and disturbed the peace of Raman Pillai.
Soon, the door thrashed against his mother’s h…