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Blue Moon of Food Network

"Are you ready to see your restaurant? Didn’t I tell you that I’d give you a second chance? Here is your second chance. Open your eyes.” And the restaurant owner and the family opens their eyes, and they scream in excitement.
This is a usual climactic moment from the top show in the Food Network, Restaurant Impossible. A drop of tear appears even in the viewers’ eyes at this peak emotional moment. Next is the ritual of introducing the designer and builder to the owner. After this done, the chef, goes into a jovial carnival of sorts and partakes in the excitement of the owner and staff. Occasionally, the chef too gets involved with the service. Finally, the restaurant that was failing a day before was left with a new hope to the owner and staff.
The unforgettable part of each show in Restaurant Impossible is the shouting, screaming, creative, hard working, successful, and tough, man with a sledgehammer, top chef, Robert Irvine. Born in Wiltshire, England, Robert Irvine successfully…