Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Free Onam Kit 2020: Tons of Free Groceries

 In Kerala, You Get Tons of Free Stuff and that Include Food


The other day, I went out. It’s a pandemic situation. The good angel in my mind kept warning me that it was not safe to go out on a random day without a solid reason. I had solid reasons. Yes, not just one but three solid reasons. But before I tell you what transpired, subscribe to my blog and comment if you are new here with a solid “HI”. I hope you understand when I talk about “going out” as if it's a matter of life and death. The pandemic situation is not just a regional problem, the frames of references overlapping across cultures and regions. 


After the COVID-19 pandemic struck us all like a lightning bolt out of the blue, we had gone into hiding in self-imposed exile. No one can prepare you for the end of the world, or the end of anything, for that matter. It comes and takes you by surprise. 


With my day job at a total loss of sensibility and finances (that's all I can say about it right now), I was hoping that people would now start reading Ebooks more than before in India as everything was now going online. Online classes and online teaching are now vogues. So I was hoping that digital books would soar in sales. My publisher also pushed my faith in this direction. We were all hoping that the losses incurred by the lack of sales in paperback books would be somehow covered “miraculously” by the sales number of ebooks. However, to tell you the truth, ebooks always sell at lower prices and the margins would therefore be very less. We put some of my books on Google Play Store. My book Don't Stare into Magic is doing good there. But it is a free ebook. So I get no income out of selling it. 


In these exhausting circumstances, I got an order for one of my print books from a nearby place. A stranger called me one day and asked if I had a copy. I had to concentrate on my memory to recollect that I had copies of the book at home. The person said that he came to know about my books through a WhatsApp group that we were members in. He asked me to send the book to him via VPP. 


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