Tuesday, September 8, 2020

India Post Tracking: Sending a Book as VPP

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Following TNIE reportage India Post says bugs being fixed, extra security  layer added- The New Indian Express

VPP means Value Payable Post. It’s a service to send goods run by the Indian Postal Service. Here is a link that you can use to read about this service and make the best use of it if you are in India. For authors and publishers, this service is a boon when Amazon, Flipkart and other service providers are not performing up to their best. 



Sending a VPP necessitated me to go to the post office. In the past, when I attempted this service the postmaster told me that I shouldn’t seal the cover. I had the book covered with good packing material and it was tightly sealed with duct tape. Following the postmaster’s advice, I removed the duct tape and placed the book in the cover without sealing it while sending it as VPP Book Post. The advantage for a Book Post is that it cost a meagre amount on stamp duty. 


Armed with the experience of sending a book post and VPP I went to the post office this time, excited at the prospect of selling a copy of my book. The postmaster was busy beyond what I had ever seen in my post office. I waited for him to finish that work. Two gentlemen were also waiting to get it finished. The postmaster spoke to them about something that I didn’t understand. It was the business of the two gentlemen there. I kept my distance from them while making sure the address on the pack was correct. 


When my turn came, the postmaster asked me to also write the from-address on the cover. In my excited hurry, I had defenestrated the necessities required by the postal department to carry my message across to the other person. So I filled the from-address and waited. He asked me to seal the cover, pointing towards a bottle of gum. 


I confirmed the instruction by asking him a second time, “should I seal the cover?” 


“Yes, you should,” he said. 


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