Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Onam Free Kit in Detail: See what Happened!

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Ration sugar will not be so sweet any more in Tamil Nadu - The Hindu

I moved towards the bottle of gum. The bottle of gum in post offices is well known in India to have adhesive qualities only slightly better than pure water. So I hesitantly took the gum with an old pen sticking out of the bottleneck. To my utter surprise, the gum looked great. I pasted the opening of the cover using the gum and it worked.  


If it is my ignorance that caused me the confusion regarding the sealing of the cover in Book Post VPP and if you know the details about this service, please comment below so that others reading this might be able to make use of the information. 


I came out of the post office and went to the ration shop near the locality. It was also the day when food kits for Onam festival were delivered at the ration shop. It was the free Onam food kit for ‘White ration cardholders’. 


A big supply of the said food kit had just arrived and the information regarding the number of kits was to be updated in the distribution software. The shopkeeper told me to wait until his machine is updated. I waited in front of the shop with a couple of others. The free Onam kit was the second reason I went out on that day. 


In Kerala, you get a lot of free stuff, that includes food. The state of Kerala basks in the somewhat utopian spirit of socialism in its cultural outlook. The Free Onam Kit was sponsored by the government of Kerala and it contained eleven items from packed coconut oil to Pappadam, the wafer that Keralited eat with any feast. For a small family, the items would suffice to eat lavishly for at least one week. 


If you are not from Kerala and visited the state in the past, you might have noticed that in restaurants, small or big, you’ll get free drinking water. This would be good quality, boiled water, in most cases, depending on the total hygiene of the restaurant in consideration. This is one of the examples of how the state of Kerala implements the distribution of goods in public. This ideal is blended with the spirit of the ordinary people, rather than being a political ideology. 


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