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The Secret of Dr.Weiss

"Hatred is love without the facts.” —Richard Bach (One)

At first reading, I thought I misread it. So I read it again. It sounded the same—bizarre, as if some grammatical error had ruined a piece of the beautifully written book.
Only Love is Real:A Story of Soulmates Reunited by Dr. Brian Weiss, first published in 1996 held out a promise to whoever leaved through the pages—life is a continuation of awareness in the timeless universe. One can also observe a two sided discourse associated with the title itself—love and reunion.
Only Love is Real deals with real life experiences from Dr. Brian Weiss’ life and practices as a psychotherapist. He substantiates that individuals meet through lifetimes in search of love. Soulmates come and meet with their beloved ones in life after death. Reincarnation, in Only Love is Real becomes a physical reality. Every reader is pushed through the door of skepticism and doubt, but at the end, familiarized with the idea. The question that came to my min…