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The Facebook Paradox

Social media has become a cradle of paradoxes, lately. I remember an Abhishek Bachan advertisement, for a cellular company, in which the Bollywood actor asks, do you have more friends in your networking site than in real life?
If you have, then you must consider yourself an addict of social media.
Fortunately, the ad did not work too long, and many other versions followed this idea, perhaps, due to the slightly disturbing fact that most of us do have more friends in Facebook or twitter than in real life.
Before a decade, the general consent of public was in favor of the rational thought that revolutions are a thing of the past, and too romantic to be a twenty first century substance. However, the Arab Spring and the Egyptian upraise proved this wrong. Facebook lead a very important mission in these revolutions, other social networks also chimed in. Twitter, Youtube, Google + and Linked In has initiated their own versions of something that can be called cultural and intellectual revolut…