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Theme Based Writing: A Taboo?

I published an article in TIC a week before titled “Where do Themes Come From?”, which pointed its major claims towards helping the writing student of a beginning writer to manage the days during or after a so-called writer's block, effectively. Whether ‘writer's block’ is a social reality or psychological state, I do not wish to comment. I do have experiences of psychological states where, as a writer, I felt immense fear and lethargy to move forward. Call this a ‘writer's block’.
Three ideas became the main focus of “Where do Themes Come From?”. First was the significance of ‘themes’ in any literary work of art. Here, I did not intent to advice anyone regarding limiting the beginning writer’s imagination and the splash of creativity into a few organized, pre-chosen topics, like “truth wins” or “perspiration is the best step to success”. I made it very clear in the article too, saying, “Without a central theme to blow life into it, a story, article, or poem is just a bunc…